Exodus 38:21

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  21 H428 אלה This H6485 פקודי is the sum H4908 המשׁכן of the tabernacle, H4908 משׁכן of the tabernacle H5715 העדת of testimony, H834 אשׁר as H6485 פקד it was counted, H5921 על according H6310 פי to the commandment H4872 משׁה of Moses, H5656 עבדת the service H3881 הלוים of the Levites, H3027 ביד by the hand H385 איתמר of Ithamar, H1121 בן son H175 אהרן to Aaron H3548 הכהן׃ the priest.