Numbers 15:24

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  24 H1961 והיה Then it shall be, H518 אם if H5869 מעיני without the knowledge H5712 העדה of the congregation, H6213 נעשׂתה be committed H7684 לשׁגגה by ignorance H6213 ועשׂו shall offer H3605 כל that all H5712 העדה the congregation H6499 פר bullock H1121 בן young H1241 בקר young H259 אחד one H5930 לעלה for a burnt offering, H7381 לריח savor H5207 ניחח for a sweet H3068 ליהוה unto the LORD, H4503 ומנחתו with his meat offering, H5262 ונסכו and his drink offering, H4941 כמשׁפט according to the manner, H8163 ושׂעיר kid H5795 עזים of the goats H259 אחד and one H2403 לחטת׃ for a sin offering.