Numbers 15:24

  24 G2532 that G1510.8.3 it shall be G1437 if G1537 from G3788 the eyes G3588 of the G4864 congregation G1096 it should happen G190.7 unintentionally, G2532 then G4160 [4shall offer G3956 1all G3588 2the G4864 3congregation] G3448 [2calf G1520 1one] G1537 from G1016 the oxen, G299 unblemished, G1519 for G3646 a whole burnt-offering, G1519 for G3744 a scent G2175 of pleasant aroma G2962 to the lord, G2532 and G2378 this sacrifice offering, G3778   G2532 and G4700.2 its libation, G1473   G2596 according to G3588   G4928.3 its arrangement, G1473   G2532 and G5507.4 [2winter yearling G1537 3from out of G137.1 4 the goats G1520 1one] G4012 for G266 a sin offering .