Nehemiah 2:16

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  16 H5461 והסגנים And the rulers H3808 לא not H3045 ידעו knew H575 אנה whither H1980 הלכתי I went, H4100 ומה or what H589 אני I H6213 עשׂה did; H3064 וליהודים to the Jews, H3548 ולכהנים nor to the priests, H2715 ולחרים nor to the nobles, H5461 ולסגנים nor to the rulers, H3499 וליתר nor to the rest H6213 עשׂה that did H4399 המלאכה the work. H5704 עד had I as H3651 כן yet H3808 לא neither H5046 הגדתי׃ told