Joshua 7:5

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  5 H5221 ויכו smote H1992 מהם   H582 אנשׁי   H5857 העי of Ai H7970 כשׁלשׁים them about thirty H8337 ושׁשׁה and six H376 אישׁ And the men H7291 וירדפום for they chased H6440 לפני them before H8179 השׁער the gate H5704 עד unto H7671 השׁברים Shebarim, H5221 ויכום and smote H4174 במורד them in the going down: H4549 וימס melted, H3824 לבב wherefore the hearts H5971 העם of the people H1961 ויהי and became H4325 למים׃ as water.