Genesis 3:22

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  22 H559 ויאמר said, H3068 יהוה And the LORD H430 אלהים God H2005 הן Behold, H120 האדם the man H1961 היה is become H259 כאחד as one H4480 ממנו of H3045 לדעת us, to know H2896 טוב good H7451 ורע and evil: H6258 ועתה and now, H6435 פן lest H7971 ישׁלח he put forth H3027 ידו his hand, H3947 ולקח and take H1571 גם also H6086 מעץ of the tree H2416 החיים of life, H398 ואכל and eat, H2425 וחי and live H5769 לעלם׃ forever: