Ezra 6:12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  12 H426 ואלהא And the God H1768 די that H7932 שׁכן to dwell H8036 שׁמה hath caused his name H8536 תמה there H4049 ימגר destroy H3606 כל all H4430 מלך kings H5972 ועם and people, H1768 די that H7972 ישׁלח shall put H3028 ידה to their hand H8133 להשׁניה to alter H2255 לחבלה to destroy H1005 בית house H426 אלהא of God H1791 דך this H1768 די which H3390 בירושׁלם at Jerusalem. H576 אנה I H1868 דריושׁ Darius H7761 שׂמת have made H2942 טעם a decree; H629 אספרנא with speed. H5648 יתעבד׃ let it be done