Esther 3:15

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  15 H7323 הרצים The posts H3318 יצאו went out, H1765 דחופים being hastened H1697 בדבר commandment, H4428 המלך by the king's H1881 והדת and the decree H5414 נתנה was given H7800 בשׁושׁן in Shushan H1002 הבירה the palace. H4428 והמלך And the king H2001 והמן and Haman H3427 ישׁבו sat down H8354 לשׁתות to drink; H5892 והעיר but the city H7800 שׁושׁן Shushan H943 נבוכה׃ was perplexed.