Ezekiel 46:11

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  11 H2282 ובחגים And in the feasts H4150 ובמועדים and in the solemnities H1961 תהיה shall be H4503 המנחה the meat offering H374 איפה an ephah H6499 לפר to a bullock, H374 ואיפה and an ephah H352 לאיל to a ram, H3532 ולכבשׂים and to the lambs H4991 מתת as he is able to give, H3027 ידו as he is able to give, H8081 ושׁמן of oil H1969 הין and a hin H374 לאיפה׃ to an ephah.