Daniel 5:3-6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  3 H116 באדין Then H858 היתיו they brought H3984 מאני vessels H1722 דהבא the golden H1768 די that H5312 הנפקו were taken out H4481 מן of H1965 היכלא the temple H1768 די of H1005 בית the house H426 אלהא of God H1768 די which H3390 בירושׁלם at Jerusalem; H8355 ואשׁתיו drank H4430 בהון מלכא and the king, H7261 ורברבנוהי and his princes, H7695 שׁגלתה his wives, H3904 ולחנתה׃ and his concubines,
  4 H8355 אשׁתיו They drank H2562 חמרא wine, H7624 ושׁבחו and praised H426 לאלהי the gods H1722 דהבא of gold, H3702 וכספא and of silver, H5174 נחשׁא of brass, H6523 פרזלא of iron, H636 אעא of wood, H69 ואבנא׃ and of stone.
  5 H8160 בה שׁעתה In the same hour H5312 נפקו came forth H677 אצבען fingers H1768 די of H3028 יד hand, H606 אנשׁ a man's H3790 וכתבן and wrote H6903 לקבל over against H5043 נברשׁתא the candlestick H5922 על upon H1528 גירא the plaster H1768 די of H3797 כתל the wall H1965 היכלא palace: H1768 די of H4430 מלכא the king's H4430 ומלכא and the king H2370 חזה saw H6447 פס the part H3028 ידה of the hand H1768 די that H3790 כתבה׃ wrote.
  6 H116 אדין Then H4430 מלכא the king's H2122 זיוהי countenance H8133 שׁנוהי was changed, H7476 ורעינהי and his thoughts H927 יבהלונה troubled H7001 וקטרי him, so that the joints H2783 חרצה of his loins H8271 משׁתרין were loosed, H755 וארכבתה and his knees H1668 דא one H1668 לדא against another. H5368 נקשׁן׃ smote