Daniel 5:3

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  3 H116 באדין Then H858 היתיו they brought H3984 מאני vessels H1722 דהבא the golden H1768 די that H5312 הנפקו were taken out H4481 מן of H1965 היכלא the temple H1768 די of H1005 בית the house H426 אלהא of God H1768 די which H3390 בירושׁלם at Jerusalem; H8355 ואשׁתיו drank H4430 בהון מלכא and the king, H7261 ורברבנוהי and his princes, H7695 שׁגלתה his wives, H3904 ולחנתה׃ and his concubines,