Daniel 11:6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  6 H7093 ולקץ And in the end H8141 שׁנים of years H2266 יתחברו they shall join themselves together; H1323 ובת daughter H4428 מלך for the king's H5045 הנגב of the south H935 תבוא shall come H413 אל to H4428 מלך the king H6828 הצפון of the north H6213 לעשׂות to make H4339 מישׁרים an agreement: H3808 ולא but she shall not H6113 תעצר retain H3581 כוח the power H2220 הזרוע of the arm; H3808 ולא neither H5975 יעמד shall he stand, H2220 וזרעו nor his arm: H5414 ותנתן shall be given up, H1931 היא but she H935 ומביאיה and they that brought H3205 והילדה her, and he that begot H2388 ומחזקה her, and he that strengthened H6256 בעתים׃ her in times.