2 Samuel 16:13

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  13 H1980 וילך went H1732 דוד And as David H376 ואנשׁיו and his men H1870 בדרך by the way, H8096 ושׁמעי Shimei H1980 הלך went along H6763 בצלע side H2022 ההר on the hill's H5980 לעמתו over against H1980 הלוך as he went, H7043 ויקלל him, and cursed H5619 ויסקל and threw H68 באבנים stones H5980 לעמתו at H6080 ועפר him, and cast H6083 בעפר׃ dust.