2 Chronicles 7:6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  6 H3548 והכהנים And the priests H5921 על on H4931 משׁמרותם their offices: H5975 עמדים waited H3881 והלוים the Levites H3627 בכלי also with instruments H7892 שׁיר of music H3068 יהוה of the LORD, H834 אשׁר which H6213 עשׂה had made H1732 דויד David H4428 המלך the king H3034 להדות to praise H3068 ליהוה the LORD, H3588 כי because H5769 לעולם forever, H2617 חסדו his mercy H1984 בהלל praised H1732 דויד when David H3027 בידם by their ministry; H3548 והכהנים and the priests H2690 מחצצרים sounded H5048 נגדם trumpets before H3605 וכל them, and all H3478 ישׂראל Israel H5975 עמדים׃ stood.