2 Chronicles 33:19

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  19 H8605 ותפלתו His prayer H6279 והעתר also, and was entreated H3605 לו וכל of him, and all H2403 חטאתו his sin, H4604 ומעלו and his trespass, H4725 והמקמות and the places H834 אשׁר wherein H1129 בנה he built H1116 בהם במות high places, H5975 והעמיד and set up H842 האשׁרים groves H6456 והפסלים and graven images, H6440 לפני before H3665 הכנעו he was humbled: H2005 הנם   H3789 כתובים they written H5921 על among H1697 דברי the sayings H2335 חוזי׃ of the seers.