2 Chronicles 24:25

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  25 H1980 ובלכתם And when they were departed H4480 ממנו from H3588 כי him, (for H5800 עזבו they left H853 אתו   H4251 במחליים diseases,) H7227 רבים him in great H7194 התקשׁרו conspired H5921 עליו against H5650 עבדיו his own servants H1818 בדמי him for the blood H1121 בני of the sons H3077 יהוידע of Jehoiada H3548 הכהן the priest, H2026 ויהרגהו and slew H5921 על him on H4296 מטתו his bed, H4191 וימת and he died: H6912 ויקברהו and they buried H5892 בעיר him in the city H1732 דויד of David, H3808 ולא him not H6912 קברהו but they buried H6913 בקברות in the sepulchers H4428 המלכים׃ of the kings.