1 Chronicles 26:31

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  31 H2276 לחברוני Among the Hebronites H3404 יריה Jerijah H7218 הראשׁ the chief, H2276 לחברוני among the Hebronites, H8435 לתלדתיו according to the generations H1 לאבות of his fathers. H8141 בשׁנת year H705 הארבעים In the fortieth H4438 למלכות of the reign H1732 דויד of David H1875 נדרשׁו they were sought for, H4672 וימצא and there were found H1368 בהם גבורי among them mighty men H2428 חיל of valor H3270 ביעזיר at Jazer H1568 גלעד׃ of Gilead.