Mark 2:4

  4 G2532 και And G3361 μη Not G1410 (G5740) δυναμενοι Being Able G4331 (G5658) προσεγγισαι To Come Near G846 αυτω To Him G1223 δια On Account Of G3588 τον The G3793 οχλον Crowd, G648 (G5656) απεστεγασαν They Uncovered G3588 την The G4721 στεγην Roof G3699 οπου Where G2258 (G5713) ην He Was, G2532 και And G1846 (G5660) εξορυξαντες Having Broken Up "it" G5465 (G5719) χαλωσιν They Let Down G3588 τον The G2895 κραββατον Couch G1909 εφ On G3739 ω Which G3588 ο The G3885 παραλυτικος Paralytic G2621 (G5711) κατεκειτο Was Lying.