Mark 10:46

  46 G2532 και AND G2064 (G5736) ερχονται THEY COME G1519 εις TO G2410 ιεριχω JERICHO; G2532 και AND G1607 (G5740) εκπορευομενου   G846 αυτου AS HE WAS GOING OUT G575 απο FROM G2410 ιεριχω JERICHO, G2532 και   G3588 των AND G3101 μαθητων   G846 αυτου HIS DISCIPLES, G2532 και AND G3793 οχλου A CROWD G2425 ικανου LARGE, G5207 υιος A SON G5090 τιμαιου OF TIMAEUS, G924 βαρτιμαιος BARTIMAEUS G3588 ο THE G5185 τυφλος BLIND "MAN", G2521 (G5711) εκαθητο WAS SITTING G3844 παρα BESIDE G3588 την THE G3598 οδον WAY, G4319 (G5723) προσαιτων BEGGING.