Mark 10:30

  30 G1437 εαν   G3361 μη   G2983 (G5632) λαβη That Shall Not Receive G1542 εκατονταπλασιονα A Hundredfold G3568 νυν Now G1722 εν   G3588 τω In G2540 καιρω   G5129 τουτω This Time : G3614 οικιας Houses G2532 και And G80 αδελφους Brothers G2532 και And G79 αδελφας Sisters G2532 και And G3384 μητερας Mothers G2532 και And G5043 τεκνα Children G2532 και And G68 αγρους Lands, G3326 μετα With G1375 διωγμων Persecutions, G2532 και And G1722 εν In G3588 τω The G165 αιωνι   G3588 τω Age G2064 (G5740) ερχομενω That Is Coming G2222 ζωην Life G166 αιωνιον Eternal.