Luke 9:23

  23 G3004 (G5707) ελεγεν   G1161 δε AND HE SAID G4314 προς TO G3956 παντας ALL, G1487 ει IF G5100 τις ANY ONE G2309 (G5719) θελει DESIRES G3694 οπισω AFTER G3450 μου ME G2064 (G5629) ελθειν TO COME, G533 (G5663) απαρνησασθω LET HIM DENY G1438 εαυτον HIMSELF, G2532 και AND G142 (G5657) αρατω   G3588 τον LET HIM TAKE UP G4716 σταυρον   G846 αυτου   G2596 καθ HIS CROSS G2250 ημεραν DAILY, G2532 και AND G190 (G5720) ακολουθειτω LET HIM FOLLOW G3427 μοι ME;