John 6:65

  65 G2532 και AND G3004 (G5707) ελεγεν HE SAID, G1223 δια   G5124 τουτο THEREFORE G2046 (G5758) ειρηκα HAVE I SAID G5213 υμιν TO YOU, G3754 οτι THAT G3762 ουδεις NO ONE G1410 (G5736) δυναται IS ABLE G2064 (G5629) ελθειν TO COME G4314 προς TO G3165 με   G1437 εαν ME G3361 μη UNLESS G5600 (G5753) η IT BE G1325 (G5772) δεδομενον GIVEN G846 αυτω TO HIM G1537 εκ   G3588 του FROM G3962 πατρος   G3450 μου MY FATHER.