1 Timothy 4:10

  10 G1519 εις   G5124 τουτο   G1063 γαρ FOR, FOR THIS G2532 και BOTH G2872 (G5719) κοπιωμεν WE LABOUR G2532 και AND G3679 (G5743) ονειδιζομεθα ARE REPROACHED, G3754 οτι BECAUSE G1679 (G5758) ηλπικαμεν WE HAVE HOPE G1909 επι IN G2316 θεω A GOD G2198 (G5723) ζωντι LIVING, G3739 ος WHO G2076 (G5748) εστιν IS G4990 σωτηρ PRESERVER G3956 παντων OF ALL G444 ανθρωπων MEN, G3122 μαλιστα SPECIALLY G4103 πιστων OF BELIEVERS.