Proverbs 13

Great(i) 1 A Wyse sonne wyll herken to hys fathers warnynge, but he that is scornefull, will not heare when he is reproued. 2 A good man shall enioye the frute of his mouth but he that hath a frowarde mynde, shalbe spoyled. 3 He that kepeth hys mouth kepeth hys lyfe: but who so openeth hys lyppes to euell, destroyeth hym selfe. 4 The slogarde wolde fayne haue, & cannot get hys desyre: but the soule of the diligent shall haue plenty. 5 A ryghteous man abhorreth lyes, but the vngodly shameth both other and hym selfe. 6 Ryghteousnesse kepeth the innocent in the waye, but vngodlynesse doth ouerthrowe the synner. 7 Some men are ryche, though they haue nothynge, agayne some men are poore, hauing greate ryches. 8 With goodes euery man delyuereth his lyfe, and the poore wyll not be reproued: 9 The lyght of the ryghteous maketh ioyfull, but the candle of the vngodly shalbe put out. 10 Amonge the proude there is euer stryfe, but amonge those that do all thynges with aduisement, there is wysdome. 11 Uaynlye gotten goddes are soone spent: but they that be gathered to gether with the hande, shall increace. 12 Longe taryenge for a thynge that is differred, greueth the herte: but when the desyre commeth: it is a tree of lyfe. 13 Whoso despyseth anye thinge, shalbe hurt for the same: but he that feareth the commaundement, shall haue the rewarde. 14 The lawe is a well of lyfe vnto the wyse, that it maye kepe hym from the snares of death: 15 Good vnderstandinge geueth fauour, but harde is the waye of the despysers. 16 A wyse man doth all thynges with discrecion, but a foole wyll declare hys foly. 17 An vngodly messaunger falleth into myschefe, but a faythfull ambassadour is wholsome. 18 He that thinketh scorne to be refourmed, commeth to pouerte & sname: but whoso regardeth correccion shall come to honoure. 19 When a desyre is brought to passe, it delyteth the soule: but fooles counte it abhominacyon to departe from euell. 20 He that goeth in the company of wyse men, shalbe wyse: but whoso is a companyon of fooles, shalbe hurte. 21 Myschefe foloweth vpon synners, but the ryghteous shall haue a good rewarde. 22 He that is vertuous, leaueth an enheritaunce vnto hys chylders children and the ryches of the synner is layed vp for the iust. 23 There is plenteousnesse of fode in the feldes of the poore, but the felde not well ordred is without frute. 24 He that spareth the rodde, hateth hys sonne: but whoso loueth hym, chastiseth hym by tymes. 25 The ryghteous eateth, and is satisfyed, but the bely of the vngodly hath neuer ynough,