Proverbs 12

Great(i) 1 Who so loueth wysdome, wyll be content to be refourmed: but he the hateth to be reproued, is a foole. 2 A good man is acceptable vnto the Lorde, but the wycked ymaginer will he condempne. 3 A man cannot endure in vngodlynesse, but the rote of the ryghteous shall not be moued. 4 A huswifly woman is a crowne vnto her husbande: but she that behaueth her selfe vnhonestly, is a corrupcion in hys bones. 5 The thoughtes of the ryghteous are ryght, but the ymaginacion of the vngodly are disceatfull. 6 The talkynge of the vngodly is howe they maye laye wayte for bloud, but the mouth of the ryghteous wyll deliuer them. 7 God ouer turneth the estate of the wycked & they stande not: but the house of the ryghteous shall stande steadfaste. 8 A man shalbe commended for hys wysdome, but a fole shalbe despysed. 9 A symple man which laboureth and worketh, is better then one that is gorgyous and lacketh bread. 10 A ryghteous man regardeth the lyfe of hys catell, but the vngodly haue cruel hertes. 11 He that tylleth his lande, shall haue plenteousnesse of bread: but he that foloweth ydylnes: is a very foole. 12 The desyre of the vngodly hunteth after myschefe, but the rote of the ryghteous bringeth forth fruyte. 13 The wycked falleth into the snare thorow the malyce of hys awne mouth, but the iust shall eschape out of parell. 14 Euery man shall enioye good accordynge to the frute of hys mouth, and after the workes of hys handes shall he be rewarded. 15 Loke what a foole taketh in hande, he thynketh it well done: but he that is wyse, wyll be counceled. 16 A foole vttereth hys wrath in all the haste, but a discrete man couerith wronge. 17 A iust man wyll tell the trueth, and shewe the thynge that is ryght: but a false witnesse disceaueth. 18 A sclaunderous person prycketh lyke a swerde but a wyse mans tonge is wholsome. 19 A trewe mouth is euer constant, but a dissemblynge tonge is soone chaunged. 20 They that ymagyn euell in theyr mynde, wyll disceaue: but the councelers of peace, shall haue ioye folowynge them. 21 There shall no mysfortune happen vnto the iust, but the vngodly shalbe fylled with misery. 22 The Lorde abhorreth lyinge lyppes, but they that laboure for trueth please hym. 23 He that hath vnderstandynge, doth hyde wysdome: but an vndiscrete herte telleth out hys folyshnesse. 24 A diligent hande shall beare rule, but the ydle shalbe vnder tribute. 25 Heuynesse discorageth the herte of man, but a good worde maketh it glad agayne. 26 The ryghteous excelleth hys neygboure, but the waye of the vngodly wyll disceaue them selues. 27 The disceytfull man shall not roste, that he toke in huntynge, but the riches of the iuste man is of great valewe. 28 In the waye of ryghteousnesse there is lyfe, and in the same waye there is no death.