Exodus 10

Great(i) 1 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: go in vnto Pharao: for I haue hardened his herte and the herte of hys seruauntes, that I might put these my sygnes amongest them: 2 and that thou tell in the audience of thy sonne, and of thy sonnes sonne, what thinges I haue done in Egipte, and the myracles which I haue done amonge them: that ye maye knowe howe that I am the Lorde. 3 And so Moses and Aaron came vnto Pharao, & sayd vnto him: Thus sayth the Lorde God of the Ebrues: howe longe shall it be or thou wylt submitte thy selfe vnto me? Let my people go, that they maye serue me. 4 Or els, and wylt not let my people go, behold, to morow will I bring greshoppers into thy coastes, 5 & they shall couer the face of the earth, that it cannot be sene: and they shall eate the residue which remayneth vnto you, and is escaped from the hayle: & they shall eate euery grene tree that beareth you frute in the felde, 6 and they shall fyll thy houses, and all thy seruauntes houses, and the houses of all the Egipcyans after soche a maner as nether thy fathers, nor thy fathers fathers haue sene, sens the time they were vpon the earth vnto this daye. And he turned him selfe aboute, and went out from Pharao. 7 And Pharaos seruauntes sayd vnto him: Howe longe shall he be a slaunder vnto vs? Let the men go, that they maye serue the Lorde their God: knowest thou not yet that Egipt is destroied? 8 And Moses & Aaron were brought agayne vnto Pharao, and he sayde vnto them: Go, and serue the Lorde youre God. Who are they that shall go? 9 And Moses answered: we will go with oure yonge and with our olde: yee, and with our sonnes and with oure daughters, and with oure shepe, and wt oure oxen we must go. For we must holde a feaste vnto the Lorde. 10 And he sayde vnto them: let it be so. The Lorde be with you. When I let you go, and your children also take hede, for ye haue some mischefe in hande. 11 Naye, not so: but go they that are men, and serue the Lorde: for that was your desyre. And they thrust them out of Pharaos presence. 12 And the Lord sayd vnto Moses: Stretch out thyne hande ouer the lande of Egipt for gresshoppers, that they maye come vpon the lande of Egipt, and eate all the herbes of the lande, & all that the hayle left behynde. 13 And Moses stretched forth his rod ouer the lande of Egipt: & the Lorde brought an east winde vpon the lande, all that daye, and all that nyght. And in the morning, the east wynde brought the greshoppers, 14 and the greshoppers went vp ouer all the lande of Egipt: and remayned in all quarters of Egipt very greuously. Before them were ther no soch greshoppers, nether after them shalbe: 15 for they couered all the face of the earth: so that the land was darke. And they dyd eate all the herbes of the lande, and all the frutes of the trees, and whatsoeuer the hayle had lefte: there was no grene thinge lefte in the trees and herbes of the felde thorowe all the lande of Egipte. 16 Therfore Pharao called for Moses & Aaron in haste, & sayde: I haue synned agaynst the Lorde youre God & against you. 17 And nowe forgeue me my sinne only this once: & pray vnto the Lorde your God, that he maye take awaye from me this deeth only. 18 And Moses went out from Pharao, and prayed vnto the Lorde: 19 & the Lorde turned a mightye strong west winde, and it toke awaye the greshoppers and cast them into the redd see: so that there was not one greshopper in all the coaste of Egipt. 20 And the Lorde hardened Pharaos herte, so that he wolde not lett the children of Israel go. 21 And the Lorde sayd vnto Moses: stretch out thy hande vnto heauen, that there maye be vpon the lande of Egipt darcknes, which maye be felt. 22 And Moses stretched forth his hande vnto heauen, and there was a thicke darcknes vpon all the lande of Egipt thre dayes longe, 23 no man sawe another, nether rose vp from the place where he was by the space of thre dayes: but all the children of Israel had lyght where they dwelled. 24 And Pharao called for Moses, & sayde: go, and serue the Lorde, only let youre shepe and youre oxen abyde, and let your children go with you. 25 And Moses sayde: thou must geue us also offeringes and burntofferinges for to sacrifyce vnto the Lorde our God: 26 our catell also shall go with vs, & there shall not one hoffe be left behinde: for therof must we take to serue the Lorde oure God. Neyther do we knowe what we shall offre vnto the Lorde, vntyll we come thyther. 27 But the Lorde hardened Pharaos herte: and he wolde not let them go. 28 And Pharao sayde vnto him: get the fro me, and take hede to thy selfe, and se my face nomore. For whensoeuer thou commest in my syght, thou shalt dye. 29 And Moses saide: Let it be as thou hast sayde, I wyll se thy face nomore.