Exodus 10

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE saide vnto Moses: Go in vnto Pharao, for I haue hardened his hert & the hertes of his seruautes, yt I might do these my tokes amonge the, 2 & that thou mightest shewe it in the eares of thy children & of thy childers children, what I haue done in Egipte, and how I haue shewed my tokens amoge the, that ye maye knowe, how that I am the LORDE. 3 So Moses & Aaron wente in vnto Pharao, & spake vnto him: Thus sayeth ye LORDE God of the Hebrues: How longe refusest thou to submyt thy self vnto me, to let my people go, yt they maye serue me? 4 Yf thou wilt not let my people go, beholde, tomorow wil I cause greshoppers to come vpon all places, 5 yt they maye couer the lande, so yt the lande can not be sene, & they shal eate vp yt is left you & was delyuered fro the hayle: & shal eate vp all yor grene trees vpon the felde, 6 & shal fyll thy house, all yi seruautes houses, & all the Egipcians houses: soch as yi fathers & yi fathers fathers haue not sene, sens the tyme yt they were vpon earth vnto this daye. And he turned him, & wente out from Pharao. 7 Then saide Pharaos seruauntes vnto him: How longe shall we be snared after this maner? Let the men go, that they may serue ye LORDE their God. Knowest thou not yet, yt Egipte is destroyed? 8 Moses & Aaron were brought agayne to Pharao, which saide vnto them: Go yor waye, & serue ye LORDE yor God. But who are they yt shall go? 9 Moses sayde: We wil go wt yonge & olde, wt sonnes and doughters, with shepe and oxe: for we haue a feast of the LORDE. 10 He sayde vnto the: Let it be so, the LORDE be with you: Shulde I let you go & yor childre also? loke that ye haue not some myschefe in hade. 11 Not so, but go ye that are men, and serue the LORDE, for that was youre desyre. And they thrust them out from Pharao. 12 The saide ye LORDE vnto Moses: Stretch out thine hande ouer ye londe of Egipte, for the greshoppers, yt they maye come vpo ye londe of Egipte, & eate vp all the herbes in the londe, wt all yt escaped the hayle. 13 Moses stretched out his staff ouer ye lande of Egipte, & the LORDE brought an east wynde in to the londe all yt daye & all yt night, & in the mornynge, the east wynde brought the greshoppers. 14 And they came ouer the whole lande of Egipte, and lighted in all places of Egipte, so exceadinge many, that before tyme there were neuer soch, nether shalbe here after: 15 for they couered the londe, and made it darcke. And they ate vp all the herbes in ye londe, & all the frutes vpon the trees which remayned from ye hayle, & left no grene thinge behinde in the trees & herbes vpon the felde in all the lande of Egipte. 16 Then Pharao called for Moses & Aaron in all ye haist, & saide: I haue synned against the LORDE yor God, & agaynst you: 17 forgeue me my synne this once also, & pray the LORDE yor God, yt he maye take awaye fro me this death onely. 18 And he wete out from Pharao, & prayed vnto the LORDE. 19 The the LORDE turned a maruelous stroge west wynde, and toke vp the greshoppers, & cast them in to the reed see, so that there was not one left in all the quarters of Egipte. 20 But the LORDE hardened Pharaos hert, that he let not the childre of Israel go. 21 The LORDE sayde vnto Moses: Stretch out thine hade towarde heauen, that it be so darck in the londe of Egipte, yt it maye be felt. 22 And Moses stretched out his hade towarde heauen, the was there a thicke darcknesse in all the londe of Egipte thre dayes, 23 so yt in thre dayes no ma sawe another, nor rose vp from ye place where he was. But wt the childre of Israel there was light in their dwellinges. 24 Then Pharao called for Moses, & sayde: Go yor waye & serue the LORDE: onely leaue yor shepe & yor oxen here: let yor childre go wt you also. 25 Moses sayde: Thou must geue vs offringes and brentofferynges, that we maye do sacrifice vnto the LORDE or God. 26 Oure catell shal go wt vs, and there shal not one hooffe be left behynde: for we must take therof for the seruyce of the LORDE or God. Morouer we knowe not wherwithall we shal serue ye LORDE, tyll we come thither. 27 But the LORDE hardened Pharaos hert, yt he wolde not let them go. 28 And Pharao sayde vnto him: Get the hence fro me, & bewarre, that thou come nomore in my sight: For loke what daie so euer thou comest in my sight, thou shalt dye. 29 Moses answered: Eue as thou hast sayde, I wil come nomore in thy sight.