Luke 2

ECB(i) 1
And so be it, in those days, a dogma comes from Kaisar Augustus to register all the world: 2 this registration first becomes when Cyrenius is governor of Syria; 3 and all go to register - each to his own city. 4 And Yoseph also ascends from Galiyl from the city of Nazareth to Yah Hudah to the city of David, called Beth Lechem - because he is of the house and patriarchy of David: 5 to register with Miryam his espoused woman who is swelling within. 6 And so be it, in being there, she fulfills/shalams the days for her to birth: 7 and she births her firstbirthed son and swathes him and reclines him in a manger; because there is no place for them in the lodge. 8 And in the same region shepherds abide in the field, guarding the guard over their shepherddom by night: 9 and behold, the angel of Yah Veh stands over them and the glory of Yah Veh haloes them: and they awe a mega awe. 10 And the angel says to them, Awe not: for behold, I evangelize to you of mega cheer which becomes to all people: 11 for to you is birthed this day in the city of David a Saviour who is Messiah Adonay: 12 and this is your sign; You find the infant swathed, and lying in a manger. 13 And suddenly with the angel there becomes a multitude of the heavenly host halaling Elohim, and wording, 14 Glory to Elohim in the highests and on earth shalom and well-approval toward humanity. 15 And so be it, as the angels go from them into the heavens, the humans - the shepherds say one to another, We pass through as far as Beth Lechem and see this rhema which becomes - which Yah Veh makes known to us. 16 And they come with haste and find Miryam and Yoseph and the infant lying in a manger: 17 and they see, and they broadcast the rhema spoken to them concerning this child: 18 and all who hear marvel about what the shepherds speak to them. 19 - but Miryam preserves all these rhema and considers them in her heart. 20 And the shepherds return glorifying and halaling Elohim for all they heard and saw - exactly as spoken to them. 21
And when eight days fulfill/shalam to circumcise the child, his name is called Yah Shua - being so called by the angel ere he was conceived in the womb. 22 And when she fulfills/shalams the days of her purifying according to the torah of Mosheh, they bring him to Yeru Shalem to present him to Yah Veh 23 - exactly as scribed in the torah of Yah Veh: Every male opening the matrix is called holy to Yah Veh: 24 and give a sacrifice according to that said in the torah of Yah Veh, A yoke of turtledoves or two youngling doves. 25 And behold, in Yeru Shalem, a human whose name is Shimon; and this human is just and well-received, awaiting the consolation of Yisra El: and the Holy Spirit is upon him. 26 And the Holy Spirit oracles to him that he not see death ere he sees the Messiah of Yah Veh. 27 And he comes in the Spirit into the priestal precinct: and the parents introduce the child Yah Shua, to do for him as accustomed by the torah. 28 And he receives him in his arms and eulogizes Elohim and says 29 Despotes, now release your servant in shalom, according to your rhema: 30 for my eyes see your salvation, 31 whom you prepared ` in front of the face of all people; 32 a light of apocalypse to the goyim and the glory of your people Yisra El. 33 - and Yoseph and his mother marvel at what is spoken concerning him. 34 And Shimon eulogizes them, and says to Miryam his mother, Behold, this is set for the downfall and resurrection of many in Yisra El; and for a sign to contradict. 35 Yes, a sabre also passes through your own soul to unveil the reasonings of many hearts. 36 And there is Hannah, a prophetess the daughter of Peni El of the scion of Asher - she is advanced in many days: who lived with a man seven years from her virginity; 37 and she is a widow of about eighty-four years who departs not from the priestal precinct, but liturgizes Elohim with fastings and petitions night and day. 38 And standing by that hour she homologizes likewise to Adonay, and speaks concerning him to all in Yeru Shalem who await redemption. 39 And when they complete/shalam all according to the torah of Yah Veh, they return to Galiyl, to their own city Nazareth. 40 And the child grows, empowered in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the charism of Elohim is upon him. 41
And his parents go to Yeru Shalem every year at the celebration of the pasach: 42 and when he becomes twelve years, they ascend to Yeru Shalem after the custom of the celebration 43 - and they fulfill/shalam the days. And as they return, the lad Yah Shua abides behind in Yeru Shalem; and Yoseph and his mother know it not: 44 and they, presuming he is in the caravan, go a journey of a day; and they seek him among their kin and acquaintances: 45 and when they find him not they return to Yeru Shalem, seeking him. 46 And so be it, after three days, they find him in the priestal precinct sitting midst the doctors - both hearing them and asking them: 47 and all who hear him astound at his comprehension and answers. 48 And they see him and astonish: and his mother says to him, Child, why deal you thus with us? Behold, your father and I seek you grieving. 49 And he says to them, Why seek me? Know you not I must be about the business of my Father? 50 - and they comprehend not the rhema he speaks to them. 51 And he descends with them and they go to Nazareth; and he subjugates to them: and his mother thoroughly keeps all these rhemas in her heart: 52 and Yah Shua advances in wisdom and maturity and in charism with Elohim and humanity.