Isaiah 44

ECB(i) 1
And now hear, O Yaaqov my servant; and Yisra El, whom I chose: 2 thus says Yah Veh who worked you and formed you from the belly; who helps you: Awe not, O Yaaqov, my servant; and you, Yeshurun, whom I chose. 3 For I pour water on him who is thirsty, and flowings on the dry: I pour my spirit on your seed and my blessing on your offspring: 4 and they sprout between the grass as willows by the water streams. 5 One says, I - Yah Veh: and another calls by the name of Yaaqov: and another inscribes with his hand to Yah Veh and by an honorary degree, the name of Yisra El. 6 Thus says Yah Veh the Sovereign of Yisra El, and his redeemer Yah Veh Sabaoth; I - the first, and I - the final; and except me, there is no Elohim. 7 And who as I, calls and tells it and lines it up for me who set the original people? And those coming, and those to come, tell they them? 8 Neither fear, nor frighten: Heard you not ever since, what I told you? You are my witnesses. Is there an Elohah except me? Yes, there is no rock; I know none. 9 They who form a sculptile all of them are a waste; and their desires benefit not: and they are their own witnesses; they neither see, nor know to shame. 10 Who ever formed an el or poured a sculptile that is not beneficial? 11 Behold, all his companions shame: and the engravers are of humanity: they all gather; together they stand: they fear; together they shame. 12 The engraver of iron works with the ax in the coals and forms with hammers and makes with the force of his arms: yes, he famishes and his force is not: he drinks no water and wearies. 13 The engraver of timber spreads his line; he surveys with a stylus; he works with planes: and he surveys with the compass and works after the pattern of a man according to the adornment of humanity; that it settle in the house: 14 he cuts down cedars; and takes the cypress and the oak which he strengthens for himself among the trees of the forest: he plants an ash, and the downpour nourishes: 15 and it becomes for humanity to burn: for he takes and heats; yes, he kindles and bakes bread: yes, he works an el and prostrates; he makes a sculptile, and prostrates thereto: 16 he burns half in the fire; with half he eats flesh; he roasts a roast, and satiates: yes, he heats, and says, Aha, I heat up; I see the flame: 17 and of what survives, he works an el - his sculptile: he prostrates thereto - prostrates and prays thereto, and says, Rescue me; for you are my el. 18 They neither know nor discern: for he daubs their eyes from seeing, and their hearts from comprehending: 19 and no one turns to his heart; there is neither knowledge nor discernment to say, I burn half in the fire; yes, also I bake bread on the coals; I roast flesh and eat: and I work the remnant an abhorrence: I prostrate to the product of a tree. 20 He grazes on ashes: a mocked heart perverts him that he neither rescues his soul, nor says, Is there not a falsehood in my right? 21 Remember these, O Yaaqov and Yisra El; for you are my servant: I formed you; you are my servant: O Yisra El, I forget you not. 22 As a thick cloud, I wipe out your rebellions; and, as a thick cloud, your sins: return to me; for I redeem you. 23 Shout, O you heavens; for Yah Veh worked it: shout, you nethermost earth: break forth into shouting, you mountains; O forest, and every tree therein: for Yah Veh redeems Yaaqov, and adorns himself in Yisra El. 24 Thus says Yah Veh your redeemer - he who formed you from the belly, I - Yah Veh who worked all; who alone spread the heavens; who expanded the earth by myself: 25 who breaks the signs of lies and exposes diviners as mad; who turns the wise backward and follies their knowledge; 26 who raises the word of his servant and shalams the counsel of his angels; who says to Yeru Shalem, You, settle! and to the cities of Yah Hudah, You, build! - and I raise the parched areas: 27 who says to the abyss, Parch! - and I wither your rivers: 28 who says of Koresh my tender, who shalams all my delight: even saying to Yeru Shalem, You, Build! and to the manse, You, Found! \super *. *found: as in founding a foundation.