Genesis 37

ECB(i) 1 And Yaaqov settles in the land of the sojourning of his father - in the land of Kenaan. 2 These are the generations of Yaaqov.
Yoseph, a son of seventeen years, tends the flock with his brothers; and the lad with the sons of Bilhah and with the sons of Zilpah, the women of his father: and Yoseph brings their slander to his father. 3 Yisra El loves Yoseph more than all his sons, because he is the son of his old age: and he works him a coverall coat. 4 And when his brothers see that their father loves him more than all his brothers they hate him; and cannot word shalom to him. 5 And Yoseph dreams a dream and he tells his brothers: and they hate him yet again. 6 And he says to them, Hear, I beseech you, this dream I dreamed: 7 that behold, we are tying sheaves midst the field, and behold, my sheaf rises and also stations itself; and behold, your sheaves turn around and prostrate to my sheaf. 8 And his brothers say to him, In reigning, reign you over us? - in reigning, reign over us? - and they hate him yet again for his dreams and for his words. 9 And he dreams yet another dream and describes it to his brothers and says, Behold, I dreamed a dream again; and behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars prostrate to me. 10 And he describes it to his father and to his brothers: and his father rebukes him and says to him, What is this dream you dreamed? In coming, come we - I and your mother and your brothers to prostrate to you to the earth? : 11 And his brothers envy him; and his father guards the word: 12 and his brothers go to tend the flock of their father in Shechem. 13 And Yisra El says to Yoseph, Your brothers, tend they not in Shechem? Come, and I send you to them. And he says to him, Here - I. 14 And he says to him, Go, I beseech you, see the shalom of your brothers and the shalom of the flocks and return me word. - and he sends him from the valley of Hebron and comes to Shechem. 15 And a man finds him; and behold, he wanders in the field: and the man asks him, saying, What seek you? 16 And he says, I seek my brothers! Tell me, I beseech you, where they tend. 17 And the man says, They pulled stakes from here; for I heard them say, Let us go to Dothan. - and Yoseph goes after his brothers and finds them in Dothan. 18
\ul CONSPIRACY AGAINST YOSEPH ul0 And when they see him afar off, even ere he approaches them, they conspire against him to deathify him: 19 and they say, man to brother, Behold, this very master of dreams comes. 20 and now, come and slaughter him and cast him into a well; and we say, Some evil live being devoured him! - and we see what becomes of his dreams. 21 And Reu Ben hears it and he rescues him from their hands; and says, Smite not his soul. 22 And Reu Ben says to them, Pour no blood, but cast him into this well in the wilderness and spread no hand on him! - in order to rescue him from their hands to return him to his father. 23 And so be it, when Yoseph comes to his brothers, they strip the coat from Yoseph - his coverall coat on him; 24 and they take him and cast him into a well: and the well is empty - no water therein: 25 and they sit down to eat bread: and they lift their eyes and see, and behold, a caravan of Yishma Eliy coming from Gilad with their camels - bearing spicery and balm and myrrh going to descend to Misrayim. 26 And Yah Hudah says to his brothers, What gain is there to slaughter our brother and cover his blood? 27 Come, and we sell him to the Yishma Eliy so that our hand not be on him; for he is our brother and our flesh. - and his brothers hearken. 28 And men pass by - Midyaniy merchants; and they draw and ascend Yoseph from the well and sell Yoseph to the Yishma Eliy for twenty silver: and they bring Yoseph into Misrayim. : 29 And Reu Ben returns to the well, and behold, Yoseph is not in the well; and he rips his clothes: 30 and he returns to his brothers and says, The child is not; and I - where go I? 31 And they take the coat of Yoseph and slaughter a kid of the goats and dip the coat in the blood: 32 and they send the coverall coat and bring it to their father; and say, We found this! Recognize, I beseech, whether it be the coat of your son, or no. 33 And he recognizes it and says, It is the coat of my son; an evil live being devoured him: in tearing, Yoseph is torn. 34 - and Yaaqov rips his clothes and puts saq on his loins and mourns for his son many days. 35 And all his sons and all his daughters rise to sigh over him; but he refuses to be sighed over; and he says, For - I descend mourning into sheol - to my son. - thus his father weeps for him. 36 And the Midyaniym sell him into Misrayim to Potiphar, a eunuch of Paroh and governor of the slaughterers.