Genesis 30

ECB(i) 1 And Rachel sees that she births not to Yaaqov; and Rachel envies her sister; and says to Yaaqov, Give me sons - and if not I die. 2 And Yaaqov kindles his wrath against Rachel: and he says, Am I in the stead of Elohim? Who withholds the fruit of the belly from you? 3 And she says, Behold my maid Bilhah, go in to her; and she births on my knees that I also have children by her. 4 And she gives him Bilhah her maid to woman: and Yaaqov goes in to her: 5 and Bilhah conceives and births Yaaqov a son: 6 and Rachel says, Elohim pleaded my cause and also heard my voice and gives me a son: so she calls his name Dan. 7 And Bilhah the maid of Rachel conceives again and births Yaaqov a second son: 8 and Rachel says, With wrestlings of Elohim I wrestled with my sister and I prevail! - and she calls his name Naphtali. 9 And Leah sees she is stayed from birthing, she takes Zilpah her maid and gives her to Yaaqov to woman. 10 And Zilpah the maid of Leah births Yaaqov a son: 11 and Leah says, A Fortune comes: and she calls his name Gad. 12 And Zilpah the maid of Leah births Yaaqov a second son: 13 - and Leah says, Blithesome - I, for the daughters call me blithed: and she calls his name Asher. 14 And Reu Ben goes in the days of wheat harvest and finds mandrakes in the field and brings them to his mother Leah: and Rachel says to Leah, Give me, I beseech you, of the mandrakes of your son. 15 And she says to her, Is it petty that you took my man? And you also take the mandrakes of my son? And Rachel says, So he lies with you tonight for the mandrakes of your son. 16 And Yaaqov comes from the field in the evening and Leah goes out to meet him and says, You must come in to me; for in hiring, I hired you with the mandrakes of my son. - and he lies with her that night. 17 And Elohim hearkens to Leah and she conceives and births Yaaqov a fifth son. 18 And Leah says, Elohim gave me my hire, because I gave my maid to my man: and she calls his name Yissachar. 19 And Leah conceives again and births Yaaqov a sixth son: 20 and Leah says, Elohim endows me - a good endowment; this time my man dwells with me, because I birth him six sons: and she calls his name Zebulun. 21 And afterwards she births a daughter and calls her name Dinah. 22 And Elohim remembers Rachel and Elohim hearkens to her and opens her womb: 23 and she conceives and births a son; and says, Elohim takes my disgrace. 24 - and she calls his name Yoseph; and says, Yah Veh adds to me another son. 25 And so be it, when Rachel births Yoseph, that Yaaqov says to Laban, Send me away, to go to my own place and to my land: 26 give me my women and my children for whom I served you and let me go: for you know the service I served you. 27 And Laban says to him, I beseech you, if I have found charism in your eyes - for I prognosticate that Yah Veh blesses me for your sake. 28 And he says, Appoint me your hire and I give. 29 And he says to him, You know how I served you and how your chattel was with me: 30 for you had little ere I came at your face; and now it breaks forth in abundance and Yah Veh blesses you at my foot. And now, when work I - I also for my own house? 31 And he says, What give I you? And Yaaqov says, You - give me naught - if you work this word for me: I return and tend and guard your flock: 32 I pass through all your flock today, and turn aside from there all the branded and spotted lambs and all the brown lambs among the lambs and the spotted and branded among the goats: and they become my hire. 33 Thus my justness answers for me in the day of the morrow, when it comes for my hire at your face: all that is not branded and spotted among the goats and brown among the lambs, that be counted stolen with me. 34 And Laban says, Behold, O that it be according to your word. 35 And that day he turns aside the he goats the ringstraked and the spotted and all the she goats that are branded and spotted and every one with white in it and all the brown among the lambs and gives them into the hand of his sons. 36 And he sets a journey of three days between himself and between Yaaqov: and Yaaqov tends the flocks of Laban that remain. 37 And Yaaqov takes sprouts of fresh poplar and of the hazel and chestnut tree; and peels white peels in them and peels the white in the sprouts: 38 and he sets the sprouts he peeled in front of the flocks in the troughs - in the watering troughs when the flocks come to drink, so that they conceive when they come to drink. 39 And the flocks conceive in front of the sprouts and birth flocks - ringstraked, branded and spotted. 40 And Yaaqov separates the lambs and gives the faces of the flocks toward the ringstraked and all the brown in the flock of Laban; and he puts his own droves by themselves and puts them not to the flocks of Laban. 41 And so be it, whenever the conspired flocks conceive, Yaaqov set the sprouts in front of the eyes of the flocks in the troughs so that they conceive among the sprouts: 42 and when the flocks languished, he puts them not in: so the languishing are for Laban and the stronger for Yaaqov. 43 And the man breaks forth mightily mighty and has much flocks and maids and servants and camels and he burros.