Genesis 30

  1 H7354 When Rachel H7200 saw H3205 that she bore H3290 Jacob H7354 no children, Rachel H7065 envied H269 her sister. H559 She said H3290 to Jacob, H3051 "Give H1121 me children, H369 or else H4191 I will die."
  2 H3290 Jacob's H639 anger H2734 was kindled H7354 against Rachel, H559 and he said, H430 "Am I in God's H4513 place, who has withheld H6529 from you the fruit H990 of the womb?"
  3 H559 She said, H519 "Behold, my maid H1090 Bilhah. H935 Go in H3205 to her, that she may bear H1290 on my knees, H1129 and I also may obtain children by her."
  4 H5414 She gave H1090 him Bilhah H8198 her handmaid H802 as wife, H3290 and Jacob H935 went in to her.
  5 H1090 Bilhah H2029 conceived, H3205 and bore H3290 Jacob H1121 a son.
  6 H7354 Rachel H559 said, H430 "God H1777 has judged H8085 me, and has also heard H6963 my voice, H5414 and has given H1121 me a son." H7121 Therefore called H8034 she his name H1835 Dan.
  7 H1090 Bilhah, H7354 Rachel's H8198 handmaid, H2029 conceived H3205 again, and bore H3290 Jacob H8145 a second H1121 son.
  8 H7354 Rachel H559 said, H430 "With mighty H5319 wrestlings H6617 have I wrestled H269 with my sister, H3201 and have prevailed." H8034 She named H7121 him H5321 Naphtali.
  9 H3812 When Leah H7200 saw H5975 that she had finished H3205 bearing, H3947 she took H2153 Zilpah, H8198 her handmaid, H5414 and gave H3290 her to Jacob H802 as a wife.
  10 H2153 Zilpah, H3812 Leah's H8198 handmaid, H3205 bore H3290 Jacob H1121 a son.
  11 H3812 Leah H559 said, H1409 "How H935 fortunate!" H8034 She named H7121 him H1410 Gad.
  12 H2153 Zilpah, H3812 Leah's H8198 handmaid, H3205 bore H3290 Jacob H8145 a second H1121 son.
  13 H3812 Leah H559 said, H837 "Happy am I, H1323 for the daughters H833 will call me happy." H8034 She named H7121 him H836 Asher.
  14 H7205 Reuben H3212 went in H3117 the days H2406 of wheat H7105 harvest, H4672 and found H1736 mandrakes H7704 in the field, H935 and brought H517 them to his mother, H3812 Leah. H7354 Then Rachel H559 said H3812 to Leah, H5414 "Please give me H1121 some of your son's H1736 mandrakes."
  15 H559 She said H4592 to her, "Is it a small matter H3947 that you have taken H376 away my husband? H3947 Would you take away H1121 my son's H1736 mandrakes, H7354 also?" Rachel H559 said, H7901 "Therefore he will lie H3915 with you tonight H8478 for H1121 your son's H1736 mandrakes."
  16 H3290 Jacob H935 came H7704 from the field H6153 in the evening, H3812 and Leah H3318 went out H7125 to meet H559 him, and said, H935 "You must come in H7936 to me; for I have surely H7936 hired H1121 you with my son's H1736 mandrakes." H7901 He lay H3915 with her that night.
  17 H430 God H3812 listened to Leah, H2029 and she conceived, H3205 and bore H3290 Jacob H2549 a fifth H1121 son.
  18Leah said, "God has given me my hire, because I gave my handmaid to my husband." She named him Issachar.
  19 H3812 Leah H2029 conceived H3205 again, and bore H8345 a sixth H1121 son H3290 to Jacob.
  20 H3812 Leah H559 said, H430 "God H2064 has endowed H2896 me with a good H2065 dowry. H6471 Now H376 my husband H2082 will live H3205 with me, because I have borne H8337 him six H1121 sons." H8034 She named H7121 him H2074 Zebulun.
  21 H310 Afterwards, H3205 she bore H1323 a daughter, H8034 and named H7121 her H1783 Dinah.
  22 H430 God H2142 remembered H7354 Rachel, H430 and God H8085 listened H6605 to her, and opened H7358 her womb.
  23 H2029 She conceived, H3205 bore H1121 a son, H559 and said, H430 "God H622 has taken away H2781 my reproach."
  24 H8034 She named H7121 him H3130 Joseph, H559 saying, H3068 "May Yahweh H3254 add H312 another H1121 son to me."
  25 H7354 It happened, when Rachel H3205 had borne H3130 Joseph, H3290 that Jacob H559 said H3837 to Laban, H7971 "Send me away, H3212 that I may go H4725 to my own place, H776 and to my country.
  26 H5414 Give H802 me my wives H3206 and my children H2004 for H5647 whom I have served H3212 you, and let me go; H3045 for you know H5656 my service H5647 with which I have served you."
  27 H3837 Laban H559 said H4672 to him, "If now I have found H2580 favor H5869 in your eyes, H5172 stay here, for I have divined H3068 that Yahweh H1288 has blessed H1558 me for your sake."
  28 H559 He said, H5344 "Appoint H7939 me your wages, H5414 and I will give it."
  29 H559 He said H3045 to him, "You know H834 how H5647 I have served H834 you, and how H4735 your livestock have fared with me.
  30 H4592 For it was little H6440 which you had before I H6555 came, and it has increased H7230 to a multitude. H3068 Yahweh H1288 has blessed H7272 you wherever I turned. H4970 Now when H6213 will I provide H1004 for my own house also?"
  31 H559 He said, H5414 "What shall I give you?" H3290 Jacob H559 said, H5414 "You H5414 shall not give H6213 me anything. If you will do H1697 this thing H7725 for me, I will again H7462 feed H6629 your flock H8104 and keep it.
  32 H5674 I will pass H6629 through all your flock H3117 today, H5493 removing H5348 from there every speckled H2921 and spotted H7716 one, H2345 and every black H7716 one H3775 among the sheep, H2921 and the spotted H5348 and speckled H5795 among the goats. H7939 This will be my hire.
  33 H6666 So my righteousness H6030 will answer H3117 for me hereafter, H4279 when H935 you come H7939 concerning my hire H6440 that is before you. H3605 Every one H5348 that is not speckled H2921 and spotted H5795 among the goats, H2345 and black H3775 among the sheep, H1589 that might be with me, will be counted stolen."
  34 H3837 Laban H559 said, H3863 "Behold, let it be H1697 according to your word."
  35 H3117 That day, H5493 he removed H8495 the male goats H6124 that were streaked H2921 and spotted, H5795 and all the female goats H5348 that were speckled H2921 and spotted, H3836 every one that had white H2345 in it, and all the black H3775 ones among the sheep, H5414 and gave H3027 them into the hand H1121 of his sons.
  36 H7760 He set H7969 three H3117 days' H1870 journey H3290 between himself and Jacob, H3290 and Jacob H7462 fed H3498 the rest H3837 of Laban's H6629 flocks.
  37 H3290 Jacob H3947 took H4731 to himself rods H3892 of fresh H3839 poplar, H3869 almond, H6196 plane tree, H6478 peeled H3836 white H6479 streaks H3836 in them, and made the white H4286 appear H4731 which was in the rods.
  38 H3322 He set H4731 the rods H6478 which he had peeled H6478 opposite H6629 the flocks H7298 in the gutters H4325 in the H8268 watering-troughs H6629 where the flocks H935 came H8354 to drink. H3179 They conceived H935 when they came H8354 to drink.
  39 H6629 The flocks H3179 conceived H4731 before the rods, H6629 and the flocks H3205 produced H6124 streaked, H5348 speckled, H2921 and spotted.
  40 H3290 Jacob H6504 separated H3775 the lambs, H5414 and set H6440 the faces H6629 of the flocks H413 toward H6124 the streaked H2345 and all the black H6629 in the flock H3837 of Laban: H7896 and he put H5739 his own droves H7896 apart, and didn't put H3837 them into Laban's H6629 flock.
  41 H7194 It happened, whenever the stronger H6629 of the flock H3179 conceived, H3290 that Jacob H7760 laid H4731 the rods H5869 before the eyes H6629 of the flock H7298 in the gutters, H3179 that they might conceive H4731 among the rods;
  42 H6629 but when the flock H5848 were feeble, H7760 he didn't put them in. H5848 So the feebler H3837 were Laban's, H7194 and the stronger H3290 Jacob's.
  43 H376 The man H6555 increased H3966 exceedingly, H7227 and had large H6629 flocks, H8198 female servants H5650 and male servants, H1581 and camels H2543 and donkeys.