Exodus 11

ECB(i) 1 And Yah Veh says to Mosheh, I bring yet one plague on Paroh and on Misrayim; afterwards he sends you away from here: when he sends you away, in expelling, he expels you fully. 2 Word now in the ears of the people that every man ask of his friend and every woman of her friend instruments of silver and instruments of gold. 3 And Yah Veh grants the people charism in the eyes of the Misrayim: also the man Mosheh is mighty great in the land of Misrayim in the eyes of the servants of Paroh and in the eyes of the people. 4 And Mosheh says, Thus says Yah Veh, About midnight, I go midst the Misrayim: 5 and all the firstbirth in the land of Misrayim die - from the firstbirth of Paroh who sits on his throne even to the firstbirth of the maid behind the millstones; and all the firstbirth of animals. 6 And a great cry becomes throughout all the land of Misrayim such as had never become, nor ever become: 7 but against any of the sons of Yisra El not a dog points his tongue against man or animal: so that you know how Yah Veh distinguishes between Misrayim and between Yisra El: 8 and all your servants descend to me and prostrate to me, saying, You and all the people at your feet, Get out! and after that I go out. - and he goes out from Paroh in a fuming wrath. 9 And Yah Veh says to Mosheh, Paroh hearkens not to you; so that my omens abound in the land of Misrayim. 10 - and Mosheh and Aharon work all these omens at the face of Paroh: and Yah Veh callouses the heart of Paroh so that he sends not the sons of Yisra El away from his land.