Exodus 11

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE sayde vnto Moses: I wil yet brynge a plage vpon Pharao and Egipte: after yt shal he let you go from hence, & shal not onely let all go, but also dryue you hence. 2 Therfore saye now vnto the people, yt euery man borowe of his neghboure, & euery woman of his neghbouresse, Iewels of syluer & golde: 3 for the LORDE shal geue the people fauor in the sight of ye Egipcias. And Moses was a very greate man in the lande of Egipte, in ye sight of Pharaos seruauntes, & in the sight of the people. 4 And Moses sayde: Thus sayeth the LORDE: At mydnight wil I go out in the lande of Egipte, 5 & all ye first borne in the lande of Egipte shall dye: from Pharaos first sonne (yt sytteth vpon his seate) vnto the first sonne of the mayde seruaunte which is behynde ye myll: & all the first borne amonge the catell: 6 & there shalbe a greate crie in all the lande of Egipte, soch as neuer was, ner shalbe. 7 But amonge all the childre of Israel there shall not a dogg quatch wt his tonge, fro men vnto catell, yt ye maye knowe, how yt the LORDE hath put a differece betwixte Egipte & Israel. 8 The shal all these thy seruauntes come downe vnto me, & fal at my fote, & saye: Get the out, thou & all the people that are vnder the. After that wyl I departe. And he wete fro Pharao wt a wroth full displeasure. 9 The LORDE saide vnto Moses: Pharao herkeneth not vnto you, yt many woders maye be done in ye lade of Egipte. 10 And Moses & Aaron dyd all these woders before Pharao: but ye LORDE hardened his hert, yt he wolde not let ye childre of Israel go out of his londe.