Esther 8

ECB(i) 1
On that day sovereign Achash Rosh gives the house of Haman the tribulator of the Yah Hudiym to Ester the sovereigness: and Mordekay comes at the face of the sovereign; for Ester had told what he was to her. 2 And the sovereign twists the signet he passed from Haman, and gives it to Mordekay; and Ester sets Mordekay over the house of Haman: 3 and Ester adds to word at the face of the sovereign and falls at the face of his feet; and with weeping beseeches his charism to pass over the evil of Haman the Agagiy and the fabrication he fabricated against the Yah Hudiym. 4 - and the sovereign spreads the golden scion toward Ester. And Ester rises and stands at the face of the sovereign, 5 and says, If it be good with the sovereign and if I find charism in his face and the word prospers at the face of the sovereign and I be goodly in his eyes, inscribe to return the scrolls - the fabrication of Haman the son of Medatha the Agagiy, wherein he inscribed to destroy the Yah Hudiym in all the jurisdictions of the sovereign. 6 For how can I see the evil which finds my people? Or how can I see the destruction of my kindred? 7 And sovereign Achash Rosh says to Ester the sovereigness and to Mordekay the Yah Hudiy, Behold, I give Ester the house of Haman; and they hanged him upon the tree because he spread his hand on the Yah Hudiym. 8 And you, you inscribe also for the Yah Hudiym as is good in your eyes, in the name of the sovereign; and seal it with the signet of the sovereign; for the inscribing inscribed in the name of the sovereign and sealed with the signet of the sovereign so that no man overturns. 9 And at that time, in the third month - the month Sivan, on the twenty-third thereof, they call the scribes of the sovereign and inscribe according to all Mordekay misvahed to the Yah Hudiym - and to the satraps and the governors and governors of the jurisdictions from Hodu to Kush - a hundred and twenty-seven jurisdictions - jurisdiction by jurisdiction according to the inscribing thereof; and to people by people after their language; and to the Yah Hudiym according to their inscribings and according to their tongue. 10 And in the name of sovereign Achash Rosh he inscribes and seals it with the signet of the sovereign; and sends scrolls by the hand of runners on horseback and riders on stallions, mules and sons of mares; 11 wherein the sovereign gives the Yah Hudiym in city by city to congregate and to stand for their soul, to desolate, to slaughter, and to destroy, all the virtuous of the people and province and of the toddlers and women who besiege them and spoil their plunder. 12 On one day in all the jurisdictions of sovereign Achash Rosh, on the thirteenth of the twelfth month - the month Adar 13 - a transcript of the inscribing for an edict given jurisdiction by jurisdiction is exposed to all the people; and that the Yah Hudiym be ready against that day to avenge themselves on their enemies. 14 So the runners ride upon stallions and camels go hastening - hastened by the word of the sovereign: - and the edict is given at Shushan palace. 15 And Mordekay goes from the face of the sovereign in a robe of the sovereigndom of blue and white and with a great crown of gold and with a robe of bleached cotton and purple; and the city of Shushan resounds and cheers. 16 The Yah Hudiym have light and cheerfulness and rejoicing and esteem. 17 And jurisdiction by jurisdiction and city by city, and whatever place the word and edict of the sovereign touches, the Yah Hudiym cheer and rejoice - a banquet and a good day. And many of the people of the land Yah Hudahize; for the fear of the Yah Hudiym falls upon them.