Esther 8

  1 H3117 On that day, H4428 King H325 Ahasuerus H5414 gave H1004 the house H2001 of Haman, H3064 the Jews' H6887 enemy, H635 to Esther H4436 the queen. H4782 Mordecai H935 came H6440 before H4428 the king; H635 for Esther H5046 had told what he was to her.
  2 H4428 The king H5493 took off H2885 his ring, H5674 which he had taken H2001 from Haman, H5414 and gave H4782 it to Mordecai. H635 Esther H7760 set H4782 Mordecai H1004 over the house H2001 of Haman.
  3 H635 Esther H1696 spoke H3254 yet again H6440 before H4428 the king, H5307 and fell down H6440 at H7272 his feet, H2603 and begged H1058 him with tears H5674 to put away H7451 the mischief H2001 of Haman H91 the Agagite, H4284 and his device H2803 that he had devised H3064 against the Jews.
  4 H4428 Then the king H3447 held out H635 to Esther H2091 the golden H8275 scepter. H635 So Esther H6965 arose, H5975 and stood H6440 before H4428 the king.
  5 H559 She said, H2896 "If it pleases H4428 the king, H4672 and if I have found H2580 favor H6440 in his sight, H1697 and the thing H3787 seem right H6440 to H4428 the king, H2896 and I am pleasing H5869 in his eyes, H3789 let it be written H7725 to reverse H5612 the letters H4284 devised H2001 by Haman, H1121 the son H4099 of Hammedatha H91 the Agagite, H3789 which he wrote H6 to destroy H3064 the Jews H4428 who are in all the king's H4082 provinces.
  6 H349 For how H3201 can I endure H7200 to see H7451 the evil H4672 that would come H5971 to my people? H349 How H3201 can I endure H7200 to see H13 the destruction H4138 of my relatives?"
  7 H4428 Then King H325 Ahasuerus H559 said H635 to Esther H4436 the queen H4782 and to Mordecai H3064 the Jew, H5414 "See, I have given H635 Esther H1004 the house H2001 of Haman, H8518 and him they have hanged H6086 on the gallows, H7971 because he laid H3027 his hand H3064 on the Jews.
  8 H3789 Write H3064 also to the Jews, H2896 as it pleases H5869 you, H4428 in the king's H8034 name, H2856 and seal H4428 it with the king's H2885 ring; H3791 for the writing H3789 which is written H4428 in the king's H8034 name, H2856 and sealed H4428 with the king's H2885 ring, H7725 may not be reversed by any man."
  9 H4428 Then the king's H5608 scribes H7121 were called H6256 at that time, H7992 in the third H2320 month H5510 Sivan, H6242 on the twenty - H2320 third day of the month; H3789 and it was written H4782 according to all that Mordecai H6680 commanded H3064 to the Jews, H323 and to the satraps, H6346 and the governors H8269 and princes H4082 of the provinces H1912 which are from India H3568 to Ethiopia, H3967 one hundred H6242 twenty - H7651 seven H4082 provinces, H4082 to every province H3791 according to its writing, H5971 and to every people H3956 in their language, H3064 and to the Jews H3791 in their writing, H3956 and in their language.
  10 H3789 He wrote H8034 in the name H4428 of King H325 Ahasuerus, H2856 and sealed H4428 it with the king's H2885 ring, H7971 and sent H5612 letters H3027 by H7323 courier H5483 on horseback, H7392 riding H7409 on royal horses H327 that H1121 were bread H7424 from swift steeds.
  11 H4428 In those letters, the king H5414 granted H3064 the Jews H5892 who were in every city H6950 to gather themselves together, H5975 and to defend H5315 their life, H8045 to destroy, H2026 to kill, H6 and to cause to perish, H2428 all the power H5971 of the people H4082 and province H6696 that would assault H2945 them, their little ones H802 and women, H7998 and to plunder H962 their possessions,
  12 H259 on one H3117 day H4082 in all the provinces H4428 of King H325 Ahasuerus, H7969 on the thirteenth H8147 day of the twelfth H2320 month, H2320 which is the month H143 Adar.
  13 H6572 A copy H3791 of the letter, H1881 that the decree H5414 should be given H4082 out in every province, H1540 was published H5971 to all the peoples, H3064 that the Jews H6264 should be ready H3117 for that day H5358 to avenge H341 themselves on their enemies.
  14 H7323 So the couriers H7392 who rode H327 on royal H7409 horses H3318 went out, H926 hastened H1765 and pressed on H4428 by the king's H1697 commandment. H1697 The decree H5414 was given H1002 out in the citadel H7800 of Susa.
  15 H4782 Mordecai H3318 went out H6440 of the presence H4428 of the king H4438 in royal H3830 clothing H8504 of blue H2353 and white, H1419 and with a great H5850 crown H2091 of gold, H8509 and with a robe H948 of fine linen H713 and purple; H5892 and the city H7800 of Susa H6670 shouted H8056 and was glad.
  16 H3064 The Jews H219 had light, H8057 gladness, H8057 joy, H3366 and honor.
  17 H4082 In every province, H5892 and in every city, H4725 wherever H4428 the king's H1697 commandment H1697 and his decree H5060 came, H3064 the Jews H8342 had gladness, H8057 joy, H4960 a feast, H2896 and a good H3117 day. H7227 Many H5971 from among the peoples H776 of the land H3054 became Jews; H6343 for the fear H3054 of the Jews H5307 was fallen on them.