2 Kings 3

ECB(i) 1
And Yah Ram the son of Ach Ab begins to reign over Yisra El in Shomeron the eighteenth year of Yah Shaphat sovereign of Yah Hudah; and reigns twelve years: 2 and he works evil in the eyes of Yah Veh; only, not as his father and as his mother: for he turns aside the monolith of Baal his father worked: 3 only, he adheres to the sins of Yarob Am the son of Nebat who had Yisra El to sin; he turns not aside therefrom. 4
And Mesha sovereign of Moab is a brander; and he returns a hundred thousand rams and a hundred thousand rams wool to the sovereign of Yisra El. 5 And so be it, Ach Ab is dead, and the sovereign of Moab rebels against the sovereign of Yisra El: 6 and the same day the sovereign Yah Ram goes from Shomeron and musters all Yisra El: 7 and he goes and sends to Yah Shaphat the sovereign of Yah Hudah, saying, The sovereign of Moab rebels against me: come you with me to war against Moab? And he says, I ascend: I - as you; my people as your people; my horses as your horses. 8 And he says, Which way ascend we? And he says, The way through the wilderness of Edom. 9 And the sovereign of Yisra El and the sovereign of Yah Hudah and the sovereign of Edom go: and they go about a seven day journey: and there is no water for the camp and for the animals following at their feet. 10 And the sovereign of Yisra El says, Aha! Yah Veh calls these three sovereigns to give them into the hand of Moab! 11 And Yah Shaphat says, Is there no prophet of Yah Veh here, by whom to enquire of Yah Veh? And one of the servants of the sovereign of Yisra El answers and says, Here is Eli Shua the son of Shaphat, who poured water on the hands of Eli Yah. 12 And Yah Shaphat says, The word of Yah Veh is with him. - and the sovereign of Yisra El and Yah Shaphat and the sovereign of Edom descend to him. 13 And Eli Shua says to the sovereign of Yisra El, What have I to do with you? Go to the prophets of your father and to the prophets of your mother! And the sovereign of Yisra El says to him, No: for Yah Veh calls these three sovereigns together, to deliver them into the hand of Moab. 14 And Eli Shua says, Yah Veh Sabaoth lives - at whose face I stand: for unless I lift the face of Yah Shaphat the sovereign of Yah Hudah, I neither look toward you nor see you: 15 but now take me a strummer, and so be it, when the strummer strums, the hand of Yah Veh comes on him. 16 And he says, Thus says Yah Veh, Work this wadi full of dugouts: 17 for thus says Yah Veh, you neither see wind nor see rain; and that wadi fills with water and you drink - both you and your chattel and your animals: 18 and this is a trifle in the eyes of Yah Veh: and he gives the Moabiy into your hand. 19 Smite every fortified city and every choice city and fell every good tree and stop all fountains of water and pain every good allotment with stones. 20 And so be it, in the morning, they holocaust the offering, and behold, water comes by the way of Edom and the land fills with water. 21 And all the Moabiy hear that the sovereigns ascend to fight against them, and they call together all who gird a girdle and upward; and stand in the border: 22 and they start early in the morning and the sun rises on the water; and the Moabiy see the water in front as red as blood: 23 and they say, This is blood: in being desolated, the sovereigns are desolated and man smote friend: and now, Moab, to the spoil! 24 And they come to the camp of Yisra El; and Yisra Eliy rises and smites the Moabiy so that they flee from their face; and they smite the Moabiy: 25 and they demolish the cities; and every man casts his stone on every good allotment and fills it; and they stop all the fountains of water and fell all the good trees: only, in Qir Hareseth they leave the stones thereof; and the slingers surround it and smite it. 26 And the sovereign of Moab sees the war is too strong for him, and he takes with him seven hundred men who draw swords to split through to the sovereign of Edom: and they are not able. 27 And he takes his son - his firstbirthed who reigns in his stead and holocausts him for a holocaust on the wall: and there is great rage against Yisra El: and they pull stakes from him and return to their land.