2 Kings 3

  1 H3088 Now Jehoram H1121 the son H256 of Ahab H4427 began to reign H3478 over Israel H8111 in Samaria H8083 in the eighteenth H8141 year H3092 of Jehoshaphat H4428 king H3063 of Judah, H4427 and reigned H8147 twelve H8141 years.
  2 H6213 He did H7451 that which was evil H5869 in the sight H3068 of Yahweh, H1 but not like his father, H517 and like his mother; H5493 for he put away H4676 the pillar H1168 of Baal H1 that his father H6213 had made.
  3 H1692 Nevertheless he held H2403 to the sins H3379 of Jeroboam H1121 the son H5028 of Nebat, H3478 with which he made Israel H2398 to sin; H5493 he didn't depart from it.
  4 H4338 Now Mesha H4428 king H4124 of Moab H5349 was a sheep breeder; H7725 and he rendered H4428 to the king H3478 of Israel H6785 the wool H3967 of one hundred H505 thousand H3733 lambs, H3967 and of one hundred H505 thousand H352 rams.
  5 H256 But it happened, when Ahab H4194 was dead, H4428 that the king H4124 of Moab H6586 rebelled H4428 against the king H3478 of Israel.
  6 H4428 King H3088 Jehoram H3318 went out H8111 of Samaria H3117 at that time, H6485 and mustered H3478 all Israel.
  7 H3212 He went H7971 and sent H3092 to Jehoshaphat H4428 the king H3063 of Judah, H559 saying, H4428 "The king H4124 of Moab H6586 has rebelled H3212 against me. Will you go H4124 with me against Moab H4421 to battle?" H559 He said, H5927 "I will go up. H5971 I am as you are, my people H5971 as your people, H5483 my horses H5483 as your horses."
  8 H559 He said, H1870 "Which way H5927 shall we go up?" H559 He answered, H1870 "The way H4057 of the wilderness H123 of Edom."
  9 H4428 So the king H3478 of Israel H3212 went, H4428 and the king H3063 of Judah, H4428 and the king H123 of Edom; H5437 and they made a circuit H7651 of seven H3117 days' H1870 journey. H4325 There was no water H4264 for the army, H929 nor for the animals H7272 that followed them.
  10 H4428 The king H3478 of Israel H559 said, H162 "Alas! H3068 For Yahweh H7121 has called H7969 these three H4428 kings H7121 together H5414 to deliver H3027 them into the hand H4124 of Moab."
  11 H3092 But Jehoshaphat H559 said, H5030 "Isn't there here a prophet H3068 of Yahweh, H1875 that we may inquire H3068 of Yahweh H259 by him?" One H4428 of the king H3478 of Israel's H5650 servants H6030 answered, H559   H477 "Elisha H1121 the son H8202 of Shaphat H3332 is here, who poured H4325 water H3027 on the hands H452 of Elijah."
  12 H3092 Jehoshaphat H559 said, H1697 "The word H3068 of Yahweh H3426 is H4428 with him." So the king H3478 of Israel H3092 and Jehoshaphat H4428 and the king H123 of Edom H3381 went down to him.
  13 H477 Elisha H559 said H4428 to the king H3478 of Israel, H3212 "What have I to do with you? Go H5030 to the prophets H1 of your father, H5030 and to the prophets H517 of your mother." H4428 The king H3478 of Israel H559 said H3068 to him, "No; for Yahweh H7121 has called H7969 these three H4428 kings H7121 together H5414 to deliver H3027 them into the hand H4124 of Moab."
  14 H477 Elisha H559 said, H3068 "As Yahweh H6635 of Armies H2416 lives, H6440 before H5975 whom I stand, H3884 surely, were it not that H5375 I respect H6440 the presence H3092 of Jehoshaphat H4428 the king H3063 of Judah, H5027 I would not look H7200 toward you, nor see you.
  15 H3947 But now bring H5059 me a minstrel." H5059 It happened, when the minstrel H5059 played, H3027 that the hand H3068 of Yahweh came on him.
  16 H559 He said, H559 "Thus says H3068 Yahweh, H6213 ‘Make H5158 this valley H1356 full of trenches.'
  17 H559 For thus says H3068 Yahweh, H7200 ‘You will not see H7307 wind, H7200 neither will you see H1653 rain; H5158 yet that valley H4390 shall be filled H4325 with water, H8354 and you will drink, H4735 both you and your livestock H929 and your animals.
  18 H7043 This is but a light thing H5869 in the sight H3068 of Yahweh. H5414 He will also deliver H4124 the Moabites H3027 into your hand.
  19 H5221 You shall strike H4013 every fortified H5892 city, H4004 and every choice H5892 city, H5307 and shall fell H2896 every good H6086 tree, H5640 and stop H4599 all springs H4325 of water, H3510 and mar H2896 every good H2513 piece H68 of land with stones.'"
  20 H1242 It happened in the morning, H5927 about the time of offering H5927 the offering, H4325 that behold, water H935 came H1870 by the way H123 of Edom, H776 and the country H4390 was filled H4325 with water.
  21 H4124 Now when all the Moabites H8085 heard H4428 that the kings H5927 had come up H3898 to fight H6817 against them, they gathered H2296 themselves together, all who were able to put H2290 on armor, H4605 and upward, H5975 and stood H1366 on the border.
  22 H7925 They rose up early H1242 in the morning, H8121 and the sun H2224 shone H4325 on the water, H4124 and the Moabites H7200 saw H4325 the water H5048 over against H122 them as red H1818 as blood.
  23 H559 They said, H1818 "This is blood. H4428 The kings H2717 are surely H2717 destroyed, H2717 and they have struck H376 each H7453 other. H4124 Now therefore, Moab, H7998 to the spoil!"
  24 H935 When they came H4264 to the camp H3478 of Israel, H3478 the Israelites H6965 rose up H5221 and struck H4124 the Moabites, H5127 so that they fled H6440 before H5221 them; and they went forward H5221 into the land smiting H4124 the Moabites.
  25 H2040 They beat down H5892 the cities; H2896 and on every good H2513 piece H7993 of land they cast H376 every man H68 his stone, H4390 and filled H5640 it; and they stopped H4599 all the springs H4325 of water, H5307 and felled H2896 all the good H6086 trees, H7025 until in Kir Hareseth H7604 only they left H68 its stones; H7051 however the men H5437 armed with slings went about H5221 it, and struck it.
  26 H4428 When the king H4124 of Moab H7200 saw H4421 that the battle H2388 was too severe H3947 for him, he took H7651 with him seven H3967 hundred H376 men H8025 who drew H2719 sword, H1234 to break through H4428 to the king H123 of Edom; H3201 but they could not.
  27 H3947 Then he took H1060 his eldest H1121 son H4427 who would have reigned H5927 in his place, and offered H5930 him for a burnt offering H2346 on the wall. H1419 There was great H7110 wrath H3478 against Israel: H5265 and they departed H7725 from him, and returned H776 to their own land.