1 Samuel 13

ECB(i) 1
Shaul is a son of a year in his reigning - he reigns two years over Yisra El: 2 Shaul chooses three thousand of Yisra El for himself: whereof two thousand are with Shaul in Michmash and in mount Beth El; and a thousand are with Yah Nathan in Gibah of Ben Yamin: and of the rest of the people he sends each man to his tent. 3 And Yah Nathan smites the station of the Peleshethiy in Geba and the Peleshethiy hear. And Shaul blasts the shophar throughout all the land, saying, Hear, O Hebrews. 4 And all Yisra El hears say that Shaul smote a station of the Peleshethiy; and also that Yisra El stinks with the Peleshethiy. And they summon the people after Shaul to Gilgal: 5 and the Peleshethiy gather to fight Yisra El - thirty thousand chariots and six thousand cavalry - people as the sand on the sea lip in abundance: and they ascend and encamp in Michmash eastward from Beth Aven. 6 And the men of Yisra El see they are tribulated - that the people are exacted - and the people hide themselves in caves and in crevices and in rocks and in towers and in wells: 7 and the Hebrews pass over Yarden to the land of Gad and Gilad: and Shaul is yet in Gilgal; and all the people tremble after him: 8 and he waits seven days according to the season with Shemu El: and Shemu El comes not to Gilgal; and the people scatter from him. 9 And Shaul says, Bring near me a holocaust and shelamim! - and he holocausts the holocaust. 10 And so be it, as soon as he finishes holocausting the holocaust, behold, Shemu El comes; and Shaul goes out to meet him, to bless him. 11 And Shemu El says, What worked you? And Shaul says, Because I see the people scatter from me and you come not within the season of days and the Peleshethiy gather at Michmash: 12 and I say, Now the Peleshethiy descend on me to Gilgal and I stroked not the face of Yah Veh: I restrain myself and holocaust a holocaust. 13 And Shemu El says to Shaul, You follied: you guarded not the misvah of Yah Veh your Elohim which he misvahed you: for by now Yah Veh had established your sovereigndom on Yisra El eternally: 14 and now, your sovereigndom rises not: Yah Veh sought a man after his own heart and Yah Veh misvahs him eminence over his people, because you guarded not what Yah Veh misvahed you. 15 And Shemu El rises and ascends from Gilgal to Gibah of Ben Yamin. And Shaul musters the people found with him - about six hundred men: 16 and Shaul and Yah Nathan his son and the people found with them settle in Gibah of Ben Yamin: and the Peleshethiy encamp in Michmash. 17 And ruiners go from the camp of the Peleshethiy in three heads: one head turns to face the way to Ophrah to the land of Shual: 18 and one head turns to face the way to Beth Horon: and one head turns to face the way of the border that looks to the valley of Seboim toward the wilderness. 19 Now they find no artificer throughout all the land of Yisra El: for the Peleshethiy say, Lest the Hebrews work swords or spears: 20 and all the Yisra Eliy descend to the Peleshethiy and every man sharpens his share and his plowshare and his ax and his pick; 21 and have a file with mouths for the mattocks and for the plowshares and for the triple forks and for the axes and to station the goads. 22 And so be it, in the day of war, they find neither sword nor spear in the hand of any of the people with Shaul and Yah Nathan: but with Shaul and with Yah Nathan his son, they find: 23 and the standing camp of the Peleshethiy go out to the passage of Michmash.