1 Samuel 13

Great(i) 1 Saul had bene kynge one yere (whan these thynges came to passe) and he raygned two yeares ouer Israel. 2 And Saul chose him thre thousand men of Israel. Two thousande were wyth Saul in Michmas and in mount Bethel, & a thousande wyth Ionathas in Gibea BenIamin. And the rest of the people he sent, euery man to hys awne house agayne. 3 And Ionathas smote the holde of the Philystines, that was in the hyll, and it came to the Philistines eares. And Saul blewe the trompet thorowe out all the lande, sayenge: let the Ebrues heare. 4 And all Israel hearde saye, howe that Saul had destroyed an holde of the Philystines, wherfore Israel stancke before the Philystines. And the people gathered together after Saul to Gilgal. 5 The Philistines also geathered them selues togeather to fyght wyth Israel, thirtye thousand charettes and syxe thousand horse men, with other people lyke the sand by the sees syde in multitude, and came vp, and pitched in Michmas eastwarde from Bethauen. 6 And when the men of Israel sawe it, they were in a strayte, & feare came vpon the people, and they hydd them selues in caues, and in preuy holes, and in rockes, and in hye places, & in pittes. 7 And some of the Ebrues went ouer Iordan to go vnto the lande of Gad & Gilead. And Saul was yet in Gilgal, & all the people that folowed him were astonyed. 8 And he taryed seuen dayes, euen vnto the tyme that Samuel had appoynted. But Samuel came not to Gilgal, & the people were therfore skatered from him. 9 And Saul sayd: bring a burntsacrifyce to me & peace offringes. And he offered burnt sacrifyce. 10 And as sone as he had made an ende of offerynge the burntsacrifyce, beholde, Samuel cam. And Saul went agaynst him, to blesse him. 11 And Samuel sayde. what hast thou done? Saul sayde: because I saw that the people skatered from me, and that thou camest not wtin the dayes apoynted, and that the Philistines geathered them selues togeather to Michmas: 12 therfore sayd I: the Philistines shall come downe nowe vpon me to Gilgal, & I haue not made supplicacion vnto the Lord. And whan I had ouercome my selfe, at the last I offered a burntofferynge. 13 And Samuel sayde to Saul thou art become a fole, thou hast not kept the commaundment of the Lord thy God, which he commaunded the. For at this tyme wold the Lord haue stablysshed thy kingdome vpon Israel for euer, 14 But nowe, thy kyngdome shall not continewe. The Lorde hath sought him a man after his awne hart, & the Lord hath commaunded him to be captayne ouer his people: because thou hast not kept that whych the Lorde commaunded the. 15 And Samuel arose & gat hym vp from Gilgal to Gibea BenIamin. And Saul nombred the people that were founde wt him, & they were about a syxe hundred men. 16 And Saul and Ionathas his sonne and the people that were founde wyth them, had theyr abydynge in the hyll of BenIamin. But the Philistines pitched in Michmas. 17 And there came out of the host of the Philistines thre companies, to destroye: one companye turned vnto the waye that leadeth to Ophra vnto the lande of Saul. 18 And a nother companye turned the waye to Bethoron. And the thryde company turned to the waye of the cost that is sene aboue the valeye of Zeboim towarde the wyldernesse. 19 There was no smyth founde thorowe out all the lande of Israel. For the Philistines sayde: Lest happly the Ebrues make them swerdes or speres. 20 But all the Israelites went downe to the Philistynes, to mende euerye man his share, his mattock, his axe & his necessary toles: 21 And then the edges of the shares, mattockes, donge forkes, and axes were blunt, and also the forkes were to be set in. 22 And so in tyme of battell there was nether swerde nor spere founde in the handes of any of the people that were wyth Saul and Ionathas. But with Saul and Ionathas hys sonne was there somwhat founde. 23 And the watch of the Philistines came out, to go ouer vnto Michmas.