Luke 18:1-7

Diaglott(i) 1 He spoke and also a parable to them, in order that ought always to pray, and not to be weary, 2 saying: A judge certain was in a certain city, the God not fearing, and man not regarding. 3 A widow and was in the city that; and she went to him, saying: Do justice me from the opponent of me. 4 And not he would for a time. Afterwards but these he said in himself: If even the God not I fear, and man not I regard; 5 through the to render to me trouble the window this, I will do justice her; that not to end coming she should pester me. 6 Said and the Lord: Hear you, what the judge the unjust says. 7 The and God not not will do the justice for the chosen ones of himself those crying to him day and night, and bearing long towards them?