Luke 18:1-7

JMNT(i) 1 Now He went on [and] told them a parable (an illustration cast alongside) with a view facing the [circumstances for] them, [that] it is of necessity at all times to be constantly thinking, speaking and active with an aim toward goodness, ease and well-being (or: keep praying), and not to give in to the bad or worthless [situation or conditions] (or: to dwell within an ugly mood or a disposition of poor quality; or: to respond badly in [something]), 2 proceeding in saying, "A certain judge was living within a certain city [who was] not in the habit of fearing or reverencing God, and also was not normally respecting (turning himself back upon so as to concern himself for) people. 3 "Now there was a widow in that city, and she kept on coming (or: going) to him, repeatedly saying, 'Decide the case from our custom and take up my cause by avenging and vindicating me from my adversary at law (or: plaintiff)!' 4 "And yet for some time he continued unwilling and would not. But after these [repeated pleas] he said within himself, 'Although (or: Even if) I am not normally fearing, being wary of or reverencing God nor respecting or concerned about people, 5 "'yet in fact, because of the [situation with] this widow constantly holding wearisome labor at the side for me (or: continually furnishing me with trouble and vexation while affording me personal cuts; or: = keeps pestering me), I will proceed deciding the case for her and continue avenging her (or: giving her a favorable ruling), so that with [her] continual coming, unto [the] end [of the matter], she may not repeatedly hit me in the face [with it] (or: = treat me severely and wear me out with pestering).'" 6 So the Lord said, "Listen to, and hear, what the judge of the disregard for what is right (the injustice; the actions which were not in accord with the way pointed out; = the dishonesty) is here saying! 7 "Now [think about it]! Would (or: Should) not God by all means make the situation right (or: do that which will bring the fairness, equity and justice) for His picked out and chosen people – those constantly crying, or calling, out to Him day and night – and will He continue long in rushing with passion upon them (= will he continue to delay acting and keep them waiting)? (or: and He will be continuing with forbearance and patient endurance on them).