Luke 18:1-7

Great(i) 1 And he put forth a parable vnto them, signifying that men ought all wayes to praye and not to be wery, 2 sayinge: Ther was in a certayne cytie a iudge, which feared not God, nether regarded man. 3 And ther was a certayne wedowe in the same cytye, and she came vnto hym, sayinge: auenge me of myne aduersary. 4 And he wolde not for a whyle. But after warde he sayd within him selfe: though I feare not God, nor care for man, 5 yet because thys wedowe is importune vpon me, I wyll auenge her, lest she come at the last and rayle on me. 6 And the Lorde sayde, heare what the vnryghtewes Iudge sayeth. 7 And shal not God auenge his electe, which crye daye and nyght vnto him, yee, though he deferre them?