Numbers 18

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE sayde vnto Aaron: Thou & thy sonnes, & thy fathers house wt the shal beare the my?dede of ye Sactuary: & thou & thy sonnes wt the, shall beare the my?dede of yor presthode. 2 But thy brethren of the trybe of Leui yi father, shal come nye the, & be ioyned vnto the, that they maye mynistre vnto ye. But thou & thy sonnes wt the, shal mynistre before ye Tabernacle of witnesse. 3 And they shal wayte vpo ye seruyce & vpon ye seruyce of the whole Tabernacle. But nye vnto the vessels of ye Sactuary & to the altare, shall they not come, yt both they & ye dye not: 4 howbeit they shal be ioyned vnto the, to wayte vpo the mynistracion in the Tabernacle of witnesse, in all the seruice of the Tabernacle. And there shal no straunger come nye vnto you. 5 Therfore wayte now vpon the seruyce of the Sanctuary, and vpon the seruyce of the altare, that there come no more wrath vpon the children of Israel. 6 For lo, I haue take yor brethre the Leuites fro amonge the children of Israel, to be youre gifte, for a presente vnto ye LORDE, to do ye seruyce in ye Tabernacle of witnes. 7 As for ye, and yi sonnes with the, ye shal waite vpon youre prestes office, that ye maye ministre in all maner busynes of the altare, and within the vayle: for yor prestes office geue I vnto you for a gifte to do seruyce. Yf a straunger come nye, he shall dye. 8 And the LORDE sayde vnto Aaron: beholde, I haue geuen the my Heueofferynges: And all that the children of Israel halowe, haue I geuen vnto the, and to thy sonnes for a perpetuall dewtye. 9 This shalt thou haue of the most holy thinges that they offer. All their giftes with all their meatofferinges, and with all their synofferynges, and wt all their trespace offerynges, that they geue me, the same shal be most holy vnto the and yi sonnes. 10 In the most holy place shalt thou eate it. All that are males shall eate therof: For it shal be holy vnto the. 11 The Heue offerynge of their giftes in all the Waueofferynges of the children of Israel, haue I geuen vnto the also, and to thy sonnes, and to thy doughters for a perpetuall dewtye. Who so is cleane in thy house, shal eate therof. 12 All the fat of the oyle, and all ye fat of the wyne and corne of their firstlinges, that they geue vnto the LORDE, haue I geuen vnto ye. 13 The first frutes of all that is in their londe, which they bringe vnto the LORDE, shal be thine. Who so euer is cleane in thine house, shal eate therof. 14 All dedicate thinges in Israel shal be thine. 15 All that breaketh the Matrix amonge all flesh, which they brynge vnto the LORDE, whether it be man or beest, shalbe thine. But so, that thou cause the firstborne of ma to be redemed, and that thou cause the first borne of vncleane beestes to be redemed also 16 (They shal redeme it whan it is a moneth olde, and shall geue it lowse for money, euen for fyue Sycles, after the Sycle of the Sanctuary, which Sycle is worth twentye Geras.) 17 But the first frutes of an oxe, or lambe, or goate shalt thou not cause to be redemed for they are holy. Their bloude shalt thou sprenkle vpon the altare, and their fat shalt thou burne for an offerynge of a swete sauoure vnto ye LORDE. 18 Their flesh shalbe thine, like as ye Wauebrest and ye right shulder is thine also. 19 All the Heueofferinges that ye childre of Israel halowe vnto ye LORDE, haue I geuen vnto the, & to thy sonnes, & to thy doughters with the for a perpetuall dewtie. This shalbe a salted couenaut for euer before ye LORDE, vnto the and thy sede with the. 20 And the LORDE sayde vnto Aaro: Thou shalt inheret nothinge in their londe, ner haue eny porcio amonge them: for I am yi porcion, and thine enheritaunce amoge the children of Israel. 21 Vnto the children of Leui haue I geuen all the tithes in Israel to inheritaunce, for ye seruyce which they do vnto me in the Tabernacle of witnesse, 22 that from hece forth the children of Israel come not nye the Tabernacle of witnes, to lade them selues with synne, and to dye: 23 But the Leuites shal do the seruyce in the Tabernacle of witnes, & shal beare their synne, for a perpetuall lawe amonge youre posterities. And they shall inheret none inheritaunce amonge the children of Israel. 24 For ye tithes of the childre of Israel, which they Heue vnto ye LORDE, haue I geuen vnto the Leuites for an heretage. Therfore haue I sayde vnto them, that they shall inheret no inheritannce amonge the children of Israel. 25 And ye LORDE talked wt Moses, & saide: 26 Speake to the Leuites, & saye vnto them: Wha ye take of ye childre of Israel ye tithes, yt I haue geuen you of the for yor inheritauce, ye shal take an Heueofferinge of the same vnto the LORDE, euen the tenth of the tithe. 27 And the same yor Heueofferynge shall ye reken, as though ye gaue corne out of the barne, and fullnesse out of the wynepresse. 28 Thus shal ye geue an Heueofferynge vnto the LORDE of all yor tithes, which ye take of the children of Israel, yt ye maie geue the same Heueofferynge of ye LORDE, vnto Aaro ye prest. 29 And all yt ye geue of ye tythes, & halowe vnto ye LORDE for a gifte, ye same shall be his of the best. 30 And saye thou vnto them: Whan ye thus Heue vp ye fat therof, it shalbe rekened vnto the Leuites as the increace of the barne, and as the increace of the wine presse. 31 And ye maye eate it in all places, ye & yor children: for it is youre rewarde for youre seruyce in the Tabernacle of witnesse: 32 and ye shal not lade synne vpon you in the same, whan ye Heue the fat therof, and vnhalowe not the halowed thinges of the children of Israel, and ye shal not dye.