Numbers 19

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE spake vnto Moses & Aaro & sayde: 2 This custome shall be a lawe, which the LORDE hath comaunded, & sayde: Speake vnto ye children of Israel, yt they brynge vnto ye a reed cow without spot, wherin is no blemysh, & vpon who there came neuer yock: 3 and ye shal geue her vnto Eleasar the prest, which shall brynge her without the hooste, and cause her to be slayne there before him. 4 And Eleasar ye prest shal take of hir bloude with his fynger, and sprenckle it seuen tymet straight towarde the dore of the Tabernacle of witnesse, and cause the cow to be burnt before him, 5 both hir ?kynne and hir flesh, and hir bloude also with hir donge. 6 And the prest shal take Ceder wodd and ysope, and purple woll, and cast it vpo the cow as she burneth, 7 & he shal washe his clothes, and bathe his body with water, and the go in to the hoost, and be vncleane vntyll ye eue. 8 And he that burnt her, shal wash his clothes also with water, and bathe his body in water, & be vncleane vntyll ye euen. 9 And one yt is cleane, shal gather vp the a?shes of ye cow, and poure them without the hoost in a cleane place, that they maye be kepte there, for sprenklinge water to the congregacion of the childre of Israel, for it is a synofferinge. 10 And he that gathered vp the a?shes of the cow, shall wash his clothes, and be vncleane vntyll the euen. This shalbe a perpetuall lawe vnto ye children of Israel, and to the straungers that dwell amonge you. 11 Who so now toucheth a deed ma, shal be vncleane seuen dayes: 12 the same shall purifie himself herewith, on the thirde daye and on the seuenth daie, and then shall he be cleane. And yf he puryfye not himself on the thirde daye, & on the seuenth daye, the shall he not be cleane. 13 But wha eny ma toucheth a deed personne, and wil not purifie himself, he defyleth the dwellynge of the LORDE, and the same soule shal be roted out of Israel, because the sprenklinge water is not sprenkled vpon him: and he is vncleane, as longe as he letteth not himself be pourged therof. 14 This is the lawe. Whan a ma dyeth in ye tente, who so euer goeth in to the tente, and all yt is in the tente, shal be vncleane seue daies. 15 And euery open vessel that hath no lydd nor couerynge, is vncleane. 16 And who so euer toucheth one yt is slayne wt the swerde vpon ye felde, or eny other deed, or a deed mans bone, or a graue, ye same is vncleane seue dayes. 17 So now for the vncleane personne, they shal take of ye a?shes of this burntsynofferinge, & put springinge water theron in to a vessell, 18 and a cleane man shall take ysope, & dyppe it in the water, and sprenkle it vpon the tente, and vpon all the vessels, and all the soules that are therin. Likewyse also vpon him, yt hath touched a deed mans bone, or a slayne personne, or a deed body, or a graue. 19 And he that is cleane, shal sprenkle vpon the vncleane, ye thirde daye, & the seueth daie, & purifye him on ye seueth daye. And he shal washe his clothes, & bathe him self wt water, and so at euen he shalbe cleane. 20 But he yt is vncleane, and wil not purifye him self, ye same soule shal be roted out of ye cogregacion. For he hath defyled the Sanctuary of the LORDE, & is not sprekled wt spreklinge water, therfore is he vncleane. And this shalbe a perpetuall lawe vnto the. And he yt sprenkled wt the spreklinge water, shall wash his clothes also. 21 And who so euer toucheth the spreklinge water, shal be vncleane vntill the euen. 22 And what so euer he toucheth, shalbe vncleane: & loke what soule he toucheth, shalbe vncleane vntill the euen.