Numbers 17

Coverdale(i) 1 And ye LORDE spake vnto Moses, & sayde 2 Speake to the children of Israel, & take of the twolue staues, of euery captayne of his fathers house one, and wryte euery mans name vpon his staffe. 3 But Aarons name shalt thou wryte vpon the staffe of Leui. For euery heade of their fathers house shal haue a staffe. 4 And laye the in the Tabernacle of witnesse, before the witnesse where I testifie vnto you. 5 And loke whom I shall chose, his staffe shal florishe, yt I maye stylle the grudginges of the children of Israel, which they grudge agaynst you. 6 And Moses spake vnto the childre of Israel, & all their captaynes gaue him twolue staues, euery captayne a staffe, after ye house of their fathers. And Aarons staffe was amonge their staues also. 7 And Moses layed the staues before the LORDE in the Tabernacle of witnesse. 8 On the morow wha Moses wete in to ye Tabernacle of witnesse, he foude yt Aaros rodde of the house of Leui florished, and brought forth blossoms, & bare allmondes. 9 And Moses brought forth all ye staues fro ye LORDE before all ye childre of Israel, that they might se it. And they toke euery ma his staffe. 10 The LORDE sayde vnto Moses: Bringe Aaros staffe againe before the wytnesse, yt it maye be kepte for a toke to the children of rebellion, that their murmuringes maye ceasse fro me, lest they dye. 11 Moses dyd as ye LORDE comaunded him. 12 And ye childre of Israel sayde vnto Moses: Beholde, we cosume awaie, we are destroied, & perishe. 13 Who so cometh nye ye dwellynge place of ye LORDE, he dyeth. Shal we the vtterly cosume awaie?