Mark 15

Coverdale(i) 1 And soone in the mornynge the hye prestes helde a councell wt the elders and scrybes and the whole councell, & bounde Iesus, and led him awaye, and delyuered him vnto Pylate. 2 And Pylate axed him: Art thou the kynge of the Iewes? He answered, and sayde vnto him: Thou sayest it. 3 And the hye prestes accused him sore. 4 But Pylate axed him agayne, and sayde: Answerest thou nothinge? Beholde, how sore they laye to yi charge. 5 Neuertheles Iesus answered nomore, in so moch yt Pylate marueyled. 6 At that feast of Easter he was wonte to delyuer vnto them a presoner, whom so euer they wolde desyre. 7 There was i preson with the sedicious, one called Barrabas, which in the vproure had committed murthur. 8 And the people wente vp, and prayed him, that he wolde do, as he was wonte. 9 Pylate answered them: wyl ye that I geue lowse vnto you the kynge of the Iewes? 10 For he knew, that ye hye prestes had delyuered him of envye. 11 But the hye prestes moued ye people, that he shulde rather geue Barrabas lowse vnto them. 12 Pylate answered agayne, and sayde vnto them: What wil ye the that I do vnto him, whom ye accuse to be kynge of the Iewes? 13 They cried agayne: Crucifie hi. 14 Pylate sayde vnto the: What euell hath he done? But they cried yet moch more: Crucifie him. 15 So Pylate thought to satisfie the people, and gaue Barrabas lowse vnto them, and delyuered the Iesus, to be scourgd & crucified. 16 And the soudyers led him in to the como hall, and called the whole multitude together, 17 and clothed him with purple, and plated a crowne of thorne, and crowned him withall, 18 and beganne to salute him: Hayle kynge of the Iewes. 19 And smote him vpon the heade with a rede, and spytted vpo him, and fell vpo the kne, & worshipped him. 20 And wha they had mocked him, they toke ye purple of him, and put his clothes vpon him, & led him out, that they might crucifye him. 21 And they compelled one that passed by, called Symon of Cyren (which came from the felde, and was the father of Alexander and Ruffus) to beare his crosse. 22 And they brought him to the place Golgatha, which is by interpretacion: a place of deed mens skulles. 23 And they gaue him wyne myxted wt myrre, to drynke, & he toke it not. 24 And whan they had crucified him, they parted his garmetes, & cast lottes therfore, what euery one shulde take. 25 And it was aboute ye thirde houre, & they crucified him. 26 And the tytle of his cause was wrytte ouer aboue him (namely:) The kynge of the Iewes. 27 And they crucified him wt two murtherers, one at ye right hande, and one at the left. 28 Then was the scrypture fulfilled, which sayeth: He was couted amonge the euell doers. 29 And they that wete by, reuyled him, and wagged their heades, and sayde: Fye vpon the, how goodly breakest thou downe ye teple, & buyldest it agayne in thre dayes? 30 Helpe yi self now, & come downe fro the crosse. 31 The hye prestes also in like maner laughed him to scorne amonge the selues, with the scrybes, & sayde: He hath helped other, himself can he not helpe. 32 Yf he be Christ and ye kynge of Israel, let him come downe now fro the crosse, yt we maye se it, & beleue. And they yt were crucified wt hi, checked hi also. 33 And wha it was aboute the sixte houre, there was a darcknesse ouer the whole lode, tyll aboute ye nyenth houre. 34 And aboute ye nyenth houre Iesus cried loude, and sayde: Eli, Eli, lamma asabthani? which is interpreted: My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? 35 And some that stode by, whan they herde yt, they sayde: Beholde, he calleth Elias. 36 Then rane there one, & fylled a spoge wt vyneger, & stickte it vpo a rede, & gaue hi to drynke, & sayde: Holde styll, let se, whether Elias wil come, and take him downe. 37 But Iesus cried loude, and gaue vp the goost. 38 And the vale of the teple rent in two peces, from aboue tyll beneth. 39 The captayne that stode thereby ouer agaynst him, wha he sawe yt he gaue vp the goost with soch a crye, he sayde: Verely this man was Gods sonne. 40 And there were wemen there also, which behelde this afarre of, amoge who was Mary Magdalene, & Mary of Iames ye litle, & the mother of Ioses, & Salome, 41 which had folowed him wha he was in Galile, and mynistred vnto hi: & many other yt wete vp wt hi to Ierusalem. 42 And at euen (for so moch as it was the daye of preparinge, which is the fore Sabbath) 43 there came one Ioseph of Arimathia, a worshipfull Senatoure (which loked also for the kyngdome of God) & wete in boldely vnto Pilate, & axed ye body of Iesus. 44 But Pylate marueyled yt he was deed all ready, & called ye captayne, & axed hi, whether he had loge bene deed. 45 And wha he had gotten knowlege of the captayne, he gaue Ioseph ye body. 46 And he bought a lynne cloth, & toke him downe, & wrapped hi in ye lynne clothe, & layed him in a sepulcre, which was hewe out of a rocke, & rolled a stone before ye dore of ye sepulcre. 47 But Mary Magdalene and Mary Ioses behelde, where he was layed.