Job 26

Coverdale(i) 1 Iob answered, and sayde: 2 O how helpest thou the weake? what comforte geuest thou vnto him that hath no stregth? 3 Where is ye coucell yt thou shuldest geue him, which hath no wy?dome? Wilt thou so shewe thine excellent rightuousnes? 4 Before whom hast thou spoken those wordes? Who made the breth to come out of ye mouth? 5 The giauntes & worthies yt are slayne, & lye vnder ye worlde wt their copanions: 6 yee & all they which dwell beneth in the hell are not hyd fro him, & the very destruccion it self ca not be kepte out of his sight. 7 He stretcheth out ye north ouer the emptie, & hageth ye earth vpo nothinge. 8 He byndeth ye water in his cloudes, that they fall not downe together. 9 He holdeth back his stole, that it caa not be sene, and spredeth his cloudes before it. 10 He hath copased the waters wt certayne boundes, vntill the daye & night come to an ende. 11 The very pilers of heaue treble & quake at his reprofe. 12 He stilleth the see with his power, & thorow his wy?dome hath he set forth ye worlde. 13 With his sprete hath he garnished the heaues, & with his hande hath he wounded the rebellious serpet. 14 This is now a shorte summe of his doynges. But who is able sufficiently to rehearce his workes? Who can perceaue and vnderstonde ye thondre of his power?