Exodus 39

Coverdale(i) 1 Of the yalowe sylke, scarlet, & purple, they made Aarons mynistringe vestimentes, to do seruyce in the Sanctuary, as ye LORDE comaunded Moses. 2 And he made the ouer body cote, of golde, yalowe sylke, scarlet, purple, & whyte twyned sylke, 3 and bett the golde in to thinne plates, and cut it in to wyres, that it might be wrought amonge the yalowe sylke, scarlet, purple and whyte sylke, 4 & made it so, that ye ouerbody cote came together by the edges on both the sydes. 5 And his gyrdel was after the same craft & worke: eue of golde, yalowe sylke, scarlet, purple and whyte twyned sylke, as the LORDE commaunded Moses. 6 And they wrought two Onix stones, set rounde aboute with golde, grauen by the stone grauer with the names of the childre of Israel: 7 and fastened them vpo the shulders of the ouerbody cote, that they might be stones of remebraunce vnto the children of Israel, as the LORDE comaunded Moses. 8 And they made the brestlappe after the craft & worke of the ouerbody cote: of golde, yalowe sylke, scarlet, purple, & whyte twyned sylke, 9 so that it was foure square & dubble, an hande bredth longe and brode, 10 and fylled it with foure rowes of stones. The first rowe was: a Sardis, a Topas, and a Smaragde. 11 The secode: a Ruby, a Saphyre, and a Dyamonde. 12 The thirde: a Ligurios, an Achat, and an Amatist. 13 The fourth: a Turcas, an Onix & a Iaspis: closed rounde aboute with golde in all the rowes. 14 And the stones stode after the twolue names of the children of Israel, grauen by the stone grauer, euery one with his name, acordinge to the twolue trybes. 15 And vpon the brestlappe they made wrythen cheynes of pure golde, 16 and two hokes of golde, & two golde rynges, and fastened the two rynges vpon the two edges of the brestlappe: 17 and ye two wrythen cheynes put they in the two rynges vpon the corners of the brestlappe. 18 But the two endes of ye wrethen cheynes put they to the two hokes, & fastened them vpon the corners of the ouerbody cote, one ouer agaynst another. 19 And they made two other rynges of golde, & fastened them to the other two corners of the brestlappe by the edge of it, that it might hange vpon the out syde of the ouerbody cote. 20 And they made yet two other golde rynges, which they put beneth vpon the two corners of the ouerbody cote, one ouer agaynst another, where the ouerbody cote ioyneth together, 21 that the brestlappe might be festened by his rynges vnto ye rynges of the ouerbody cote with a yalowe lace, that it might lye close vpon ye ouerbody cote, and not be lowsed from ye ouerbody cote, as the LORDE commaunded Moses. 22 And he made the tunycle vnto the ouerbody cote, wrought all of yalow sylke, 23 & the hole therof aboue in the myddest, & a bonde folde together rounde aboute the hole, that it shulde not rente. 24 And beneth vpon ye hemme of it, they made pomgranates of yalow sylke, scarlet, purple, & whyte twyned sylke: 25 & they made belles of pure golde, which they put betwixte ye pomgranates rounde aboute vpon the hemme of the tunycle, a bell & a pomgranate, 26 a bell & a pomgranate rounde aboute, to do seruyce in, as the LORDE commaunded Moses. 27 And they made albes also wrought of whyte sylke for Aaron & his sonnes, 28 & ye myter of whyte sylke, and the goodly bonettes of whyte sylke, and breches of twyned whyte lynnen, 29 and the girdle of nedle worke euen of whyte twyned sylke, yalow sylke, scarlet, and purple, as the LORDE commaunded Moses. 30 They made the fore heade plate also to ye holy crowne, of pure golde, and wrote therin with grauen worke: the holynes of the LORDE, 31 and festened a yalowe lace theron, to tye it vnto the myter aboue, as the LORDE comaunded Moses. 32 Thus the whole worke of ye Habitacion of ye Tabernacle of wytnesse, was fynished. And the childre of Israel dyd all that the LORDE comaunded Moses, 33 & brought the Habitacion vnto Moses: the Tabernacle & all the apparell therof, the buttons, bordes, barres, pilers, sokettes, 34 ye couerynge of reed skynnes of rammes, the couerynge of doo skynnes, & the vayle, 35 ye Arke of wytnesse wt the staues therof, the Mercyseate, 36 the table & all his apparell, & the shewbred, 37 the candilsticke, wt the lampes prepared, and all his apparell, & oyle for the lightes, 38 the golden altare, the anoyntinge oyle & incense, the hanginge in the Tabernacle dore, 39 the brasen altare, & his brasen gredyron wt his staues, & all his apparell, ye lauer wt his foote, 40 the hangynges of ye courte wt the pilers & sokettes therof, ye hanginge in the courte gate wt his pilers & nales, & all the ordynaunce for the seruyce of the Habitacion of ye Tabernacle of wytnesse, 41 ye mynistringe vestimetes of Aaro ye prest, to do seruyce in ye Sanctuary, & the garmetes of his sonnes, yt they might execute ye prestes office. 42 Acordinge to all that ye LORDE comaunded Moses, eue so dyd the childre of Israel in all this seruyce. 43 And Moses sawe all ye worke, yt they dyd it eue as ye LORDE had commaunded, and he blessed them.