Exodus 38

Coverdale(i) 1 And the altare of burntoffrynges made he of Fyrre tre, fyue cubytes loge & brode, eauen foure squared, & thre cubites hye. 2 And made foure hornes, which proceaded out of the foure corners therof, and ouerlaied it with brasse. 3 And he made all maner of vessels for the altare, cauldrons, shouels, basens, fleshokes, and colepannes all of brasse. 4 And vnto the altare he made a brasen gredyron of net worke rounde aboute, from vnder vp vnto the myddest of the altare, 5 & cast foure rynges in the foure corners of the brasen gredyron, for the staues: 6 which he made of Fyrre tre, and ouerlayed them wt brasse, 7 and put them in the rynges by the sydes of the altare, to beare it withall, and made it holowe with bordes. 8 And he made the Lauer of brasse, & his fote also of brasse vpon the place of ye hoost, that laye before the dore of the Tabernacle of wytnesse. 9 And he made the courte on ye south syde: hangynges an hundreth cubytes longe, of whyte twyned sylke, 10 with the twetye pilers therof, and twentye sokettes of brasse: but the knoppes and whopes of syluer. 11 In like maner vpon the north syde an hundreth cubytes with twentye pilers, and twentye sokettes of brasse, but their knoppes & whoopes of syluer. 12 Vpon the west syde fiftie cubytes with ten pilers and te sokettes, but their knoppes and whoopes of syluer. 13 Vpon the East syde fiftie cubytes. 14 Fiftene cubytes vpon either syde of the courte dore, wt thre pilers and thre sokettes: 15 (Omitted Text) 16 So that all the hanginges of the courte were of whyte twyned sylke, 17 and the sokettes of the pilers were of brasse, & their knoppes and whoopes of syluer: their heades were ouerlayed wt syluer, & all the pilers of the courte were whooped aboute with syluer. 18 And the hangynge in ye courte gate made he wt nedle worke, of yalowe sylke, scarlet, purple, & whyte twyned sylke, twentye cubytes longe, & fyue cubytes hye, after the measure of the hanginges of the courte: 19 foure pilers also therto, & foure sokettes of brasse, and their knoppes of syluer, and their heades ouerlayed, and their whoopes of syluer. 20 And all the nales of the Habitacion and of the courte rounde aboute, were of brasse. 21 This is now the summe of the Habitacion of wytnesse (which was counted at the comaundemet of Moses to ye Gods seruice of the Leuites vnder the hade of Ithamar the sonne of Aaron the prest) 22 which Bezaleel the sonne of Vri, the sonne of Hur of the trybe of Iuda made, all as the LORDE commaunded Moses. 23 And wt him Ahaliab ye sonne of Ahisamach of the trybe of Dan, a connynge grauer, to worke nedle worke, wt yalow sylke, scarlet, purple, & whyte sylke. 24 All the golde yt was wrought in all this worke of the Sanctuary (which was geuen to the Waue offerynge) is nyne & twenty hudreth weight, seuen hundreth & thirtie Sycles, after ye Sycle of ye Sanctuary. 25 The syluer yt came of the congregacion, was fyue score hundreth weight, a thousande, seuen hundreth, fyue and seuentye Sycles, after ye Sycle of the Sanctuary: 26 so many heades so many half Sycles, after the Sycle of the Sanctuary, of all that were nombred from twentye yeare olde and aboue, euen sixe hundreth thousande, thre thousande, fyue hundreth and fiftye. 27 Of the fyue score hundreth weight of syluer, were cast the sokettes of the Sanctuary, and the sokettes of the vayle, an hudreth sokettes of the fyue score hundreth weight, an hundreth weight to euery sokett. 28 Of the thousande, seuen hundreth and fyue and seuentye Sycles were made the knoppes of the pilers (and their heades ouerlayed) and their whoopes. 29 As for the Waue offerynge of brasse, it was seuentye hundreth weight, two thousande and foure hundreth Sycles: 30 Wherof were made the sokettes in the dore of the Tabernacle of wytnesse, and the brasen altare, and the brasen gredyron therto, and all the vessels of the altare, 31 and the sokettes of ye courte rounde aboute, and the sokettes of ye courte gate, all ye nales of the Habitacion, & all ye nales of ye courte rounde aboute.